The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

We were told to believe…
240 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed the earth.
Massive creatures that were the kings of the planet
whose bones can now be found deep in the earths granite.
They ruled the air, land and seas
long before man was around to wipe them out with some deadly disease.
Carnivores featured sharp teeth and claws
capable of tearing apart any other animal in seconds just because.
Herbivores lived off the land and were large in stature.
They stayed together in packs to avoid disaster
of being picked off by a carnivore and turned into a meal.
If isolated alone with a carnivore, their fate was then sealed.
Descendants of the dinosaurs still carry on today in the form of birds.
Closer related to birds than to reptiles as previously believed to be true is now the true word
scientists preach to us and want us to believe.
I’m here to guide you through this lie and show you just how they deceive.

We were told to believe…
65 million years ago, with the reign of the dinosaur seemingly at its peak,
a mass extinction hit planet earth so to speak.
A massive asteroid slammed into earth near the Yucatan Peninsula
killing off life around the planet instantly.
The dinosaurs, the kings of the planet were instantly no more.
No longer would their voices roar.
Over the course of millions of years, the planet went through changes,
eventually giving birth to man and promoting a new species to king of the jungle.

I’m here to tell you…
Science has lied to you and has you deceived.
What I’m about to tell you is the truth to be believed.
The dinosaurs, the once great creatures that once roamed the earth,
the creatures that helped give birth
to so many great movies that have infiltrated our society and have helped convince us of their existence,
are a lie creature by his royal evilness,
the almighty Lucifer.

I’m here to tell you…
The dinosaurs were never a creation of God and never walked to face of the earth.
The truth is now becoming uncovered and a new movement is being birthed.
The bones of the dinosaurs buried deep in the ground,
are a deception left for us to be found
in order to sell us on the big bang and evolution
being the law of the land, a new constitution.
The devil planted the bones in the ground to deceive mankind into believing God does not exist.
Science furthers this deception by selling us on the earth being 4.5 billion years old and selling us that the word of God should be dismissed.
Hollywood furthers Satan’s agenda by producing popular movies to move his agenda forward and deceive the masses even more.
The Lucifer lead world governments blame God and religion for their wars.
They send the youth of all nations to die fighting for a fake cause.
And the masses buy into it all just because…
just because it’s what they are told to believe…
by Lucifer who controls the world’s governments, controls the worlds media, controls Hollywood, controls all the information you are allowed to have.
This is your wake-up call to see the world for what it truly is,
and to see the truth once and for all.
Written by TylerZ
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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