hurt's riddle

my hurt speaks in riddles                          
this way out if you want to survive                              
fear's doors are nailed shut                              
& the house is on fire                              
if you need to see the pharmacist                                
go through the tunneling maze                              
of self hatred                              
there's a drug dealer                              
with all of your favorite flavors                              
cotton candied rig                              
shoot your tar                              
come down fast                              
spin, gag, then puke                              
land on an orgasmic cloud                              
the poppy's blossom                                 
whispers secrets of the universe                                
listen carefully                              
then nod off                                
catching only every other word                              
feel the warmth of the numb                              
rushing through your extremities                                
turning on all the lights                              
as they go room to room                              
careful not to wake guilt                              
it will sleep till morning                                
then come for you                                
when you're really hurting                              
after three days chipping                              
you're jonesing hard                              
puking, snot filled. shitting mess                              
can't think straight                              
electrical pulses down your spine                              
in your own personal hell                              
restrained to a chemical electric chair                              
try to sleep,                          
the current flows through your back & legs                             
lighting your nightmares,                        
you scream                              
the most maddening pain                              
from your darkest imaginations                              
thinking you'll never sleep again                              
relentless horror                              
fever, chills, can't sit still                              
i've solved the question                              
it was gruesome                                
it took me just a decade                              
hurt can keep its riddles                                
i'll stay clear of the pusher man                              
& his candied numbness                              
watch as my house goes up in flames                              
chanting quietly                                
"burn pain & madness"                             
"fucking burn"                              
*note to self remember     
Copyright © 2018 Crimsin. All Rights Reserved          
Written by crimsin
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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