the addiction code

your pain reached in
& stole my breath
stifling screams of denial
i choke on the vomit of lies
i tell myself
when confronted with torment
i can't even imagine
drugs seduce, capture
& hold prisoner
they torture us with relief
however brief
is argued better for a moment
then another minute
in perdition's cold grip
the numb we chase it, run it down
all to quiet the din
that rages inside
& it eats us alive
flays our skin until we burn
with the fever of forgetfulness
another fix, line, hit won't hurt
as the day crashes in on us
& tomorrow promises more ache
the hurt of knowing our skin more sensitive
to the rough touch of this world
our feelings raw & exposed
we feel everything
every innuendo, each slight
at the hands of callous beings
so we take shelter in the dark
inside the heroin
where the shrieks of an uncaring planet
can't reach
hide in the meth
that transports me to outerspace
surely i belong there
this race being alien to me
i feel you beautiful one
deep within my pained existence
while others speak in a foreign tongue
i hear you  
you speak my dialect
it is one of the heart
from one addict to another
you entered my soul
& broke the code
there are tears
shed for your humanity
the beauty in you has reached in
& taken every excuse
my addiction has fed me
if you can bare the sober sun
you give me hope
i can follow in your boot prints
because you've shown me this is war
& everyday i take breath
a chance for victory
*inspired by beautiful Katja's  
most real & deeply painful write dedicated to me..  
I love you Katja thank you..
*note deeply inspired  
by Katja's bravery i'm Crimsin  
& i'm an addict..  
Written by smackdownraven
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