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where real men love

summer's daisies              
have all lost their petals              
to the cold winter's chill              
they are reminiscent              
of our lust, love affair              
vibrant & bright              
then faded like my beauty              
at first frost              
with a cold shoulder              
you turned away              
as my youth's last bloom wilted              
& dropped              
i lovingly press this fallen blossom       
in my heart's chambers              
where my feelings for you never die             
inside me a lover's sun              
always shines bright              
nourishing my love              
like summer's wildflowers              
my passion can't be tamed              
natures own flowers              
in dazzling array  
dot the country side              
are weeds to some              
but lover,              
beauty is in the eye of the beholder              
witness my spirit              
as it runs with the wind              
my blonde hair              
wreathed with nature's own              
there is no taming the air              
& so it is with my soul              
it can't be pinned down              
within the conformity              
of what a woman should be              
i am barefoot in the sand              
bare breasts bouncing free              
flower of the wilderness              
your lust of my looks is shallow              
your water fails to nurture              
even a hot house orchid;              
high maintenance females of the world              
whose bottom line is your money              
i don't weep for faded beauty              
my soul's seeds are cast to the winds              
with the knowledge              
they will grow inside              
the wild souls of real men              
within their hearts are the open spaces              
where true love can blossom              
Copyright © 2017 Crimsin. All Rights Reserved              
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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