Fantastic side lore: In Heat of the Moment

It seemed like a scene from a western flick, like the O.K. Corral.
Pinky stood firmly in her stance as she watched the arrival of  
Lyps Stic  wearing nothing more than a scowl. The few fantastic  
members and onlookers in attendance all sat hushed, expecting
an instantaneous onslaught, a rush.
Straw, spat a few seeds in disbelief, while String and Foolie Lou  
appeared clueless to the tension hanging out over on the side  
enjoying a little comic relief. " No no Foolie, It's I tie into you,  
'knot'  you into me, get it?" he said as  they burst into raucous
laughter. Rick found himself mesmerized by Lyps Stic's beauty,  
thinking to himself,  whoa momma she's a real cutie! With Dixie
and InckPin right next to him he was feeling like inspiration was
coming 'into' him and blurted out a quick rhyme.
" I said a hip hop, a hibba to the hibb..." OMG PLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!"
Pinky yelled, and immediately  threw off his flow. That made String  
and Foolie really lose it and each started teasing their 'fantastic' bro.  
"HA, hey Rick why didn't ya try a more current rap it may have went over
better with your gal!"  " Yea!," chimed in Foolie "That piece there was old
world" Bobby couldn't restrain himself and broke loose of Timmy's hold
desperate to inform his nutty friend that what he said made no sense.
But alas it wasn't to be as Timmy shut him up quickly and told him for
once he should remain in silence. Bobby just rolled his eye at Timmy  
and gritted his tooth at his friend. While fuming silently plotting a way
to repay Timmy for this latest public  chagrin.  
"So", An all ready for battle Lyps Stic began as she rolled closer to Pinky,
"What's this crap I hear 'bout you wanting beef with me?"  
"Uhm, 'cuse me, Do I know you!??" She said sassily while rolling her
eye and curling her Lip back. "Do you need to know me!?" An equally  
sassy reply escaped Pinky's mouth. They started to circle around each  
other, which in turn drew a variety of  onlookers closer, even the  
'barley and hops conniseur' who was wearing an unsightly smile and  
a smell much worser. Suddenly that once wide separation between  
these two would be  anatagonists, closed rapdily. As Pinky stared down  
Lyps Stic, and she return the glare, Rick was getting nervous and slicking
back his hair.  
Dixie and InckPin while not knowing anything about  the newcomer,
and not much more about Pinky started to realize this wasn't likely to be
just a simple, war of words they seem poised to lay some violence here.
"Dixie,"  InckPen pleaded in a somber tone, "Will you intervene before
anyone comes to blows? Just as she said that, Pinky swiped Lyps Stic
across her face but to her surprise Lyps Stic was already sidestepping
the blow, and the target missed it's intended place. Lyps Stic volleyed  
with a strike of her own, smacking two layers of deep red glossy across  
pinky's sharpened face. Pinky swiped again this time hitting the mark,  
the crowd was steadily increasing from the interest this began to spark.
They went back and forth trading blow for blow,  quickly making  one
another look a bit ragged, Lyps Stic was smeared all over Pinky and she
a multitude of nicks and slits that for her luckily didn't easily show. It was
a battle that truly appeared to be a tie, and Dixie felt sad for slow her  
reactions only made Incky cry. Then suddenly Rick once more found
his voice, "Stop it this second!" he yelled as he spinned rapidily towards  
the two, but clumsy tripped over Wally the Wino's bagged  bottle and  
smacked his  face into a bench. Although, not exactly how he intended to
resolve the conflict it worked, as all burst into a rowdy chorus of laughter,
as he crossed eyed  and all, relinguished a yelp and cried out,
"Gosh that hurt!"    
Now that saner heads prevailed, the two former combatants  talked
into the night, and although far from calling one another friends, decided  
each one was smart, and sassy in their own right  and ultimately alright...
Written by Poetikmind (_---_)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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