His and Hers 1.8

It was a breezy cool Christmas eve or rather the eve before Christmas Eve, Jimmy had pleaded with Alyncia but she insisted on ending their relationship. Jimmy was devastated after trying so many things in order to rejuvenate the relation he wanted to work so much. She removed him from all the Apps he would usually communicate with her through and left for the weekend. She rekindled her ‘friendship’ with Frank after he took her to his home for the first time which was truly under construction. The two later made plans to spend the night at a hotel in Portland.
Jimmy was not aware and wanted to make one last plea to her because he wanted his child to be raised in a home with both parents. When he arrived at the house there was no one there. He called around without getting a favorable response. Tia was the only person who answered him but she too was not in the areas but had gone home to be with her family for the Christmas.
“Why are you at the house after all she said last night, Jim?”
Jimmy was broken and she could hear it in his voice.
“You want me to come and see you tonight after my daughter gets home?”
“Where is she?’ he asked.
“She is with her friends at the playground, I don’t get to see her much because of legal issues.”
“Can you take her with you?”
“No, I did some stuff and as such she is not allowed to be with me alone, my mother has full custody of her. I was supposed to go out tonight but if you want, I can see you tonight about ten until you say when. I am not back at work until Wednesday.”
Jimmy agreed without hesitation. He started to feel more comfortable talking with Tia than he does with anyone else he had ever been in communication with since his mother was killed when he was a youngster. They had a close connection, Jimmy and his mother, and he saw a lot of her in Tia. He wanted her as just a friend but the sexual chemistry between the two was greater than either of them could fight.
Tia was in love but could not say or show it because of the complicated situation between her, Alyncia and Jimmy. She kept her feelings to herself and hid the fact that they were sexually crazy about each other and would engage in sexual encounters almost every time they were alone together.
Alyncia was with Frank in Portland.
Late that Sunday evening they were in the room watching a movie when there was a knock on the door.
“Who is it?” Frank asked, raising his head to listen clearer, but there was no answer.
They returned to watching the movie which had a terrific love scene prompting both into having sexual desires. Alyncia’s head was resting on Frank’s pelvic area and she could feel the throbbing in his pants and he could see her warm smile and glistening eyes as the picture quality on the monitor flickers between shades. The throbbing continued as Alyncia’s smile got wider and then there was another knock at the door.
Frank didn’t ask who it was this time instead, he went to the door. He saw no one at the door. He returned to his position and Alyncia changed position in order to remove his lower garment. She must have been in a hurry and got a fright when Frank’s throbbing member flipped out hitting her nose. They both burst into laughter. There was a knock at the door again; heavy and with manly force and the door flew open. Alyncia was in the process of engaging Frank in a fellatio game at the time and could only look with her mouth full as the man walked in and in one motion grabbed her and throw her off him. Instead of helping her, Frank hugged the man and pleaded with his to stop in a tone as if they knew each other.
Jimmy saw an opportunity to get Tia home earlier than expected. He visited a friend who had just arrived home from the United Kingdom and offered get petrol if he would be kind enough to drive him to her and back. The friend agreed but after not seeing him for so long he offered to do it for free.
“It is a long time Jim, I’ll do it as long as we will be back in time for a round of dominoes,” the friend said. Jimmy was in agreement and mentioned that he will be seeing her daughter as well.
“Is kinda my girl, mi going meet her daughter for the first time too.”
Upon hearing this, the friend gave him a wrapped #Toya from Zuree to present to the daughter who was 'no more than eight' he thought to himself.
They drove the bad road to the community after finding a way through the ‘orange walk’ because the road was closed for repairs.
Upon arriving at the house the daughter was introduced to Jimmy and his friend and the doll presented to her. She was so excited she couldn’t wait to show #Toya to her friends and with this new excitement, the daughter didn’t even notice that her mother had left.
The three listened to Frank Kelly’s Christmas Countdown the entire drive.
“Mi feel say him used to give Nola bun,” the friend uttered after laughing and listening to the poem/song a second time.
“Why is must be bun?” Tia asked, “Nuala might just be a generous friend with plenty gifts to give, after all, it is the season for giving.”
“Her generosity knows no bounds.”
The two were dropped off at Jimmy’s house. He ushered her inside and made her comfortable before heading out to get supplies for the weekend. He returned to find her sleeping in his bed wearing nothing but a Santa hat and a fairly loud snore. He looked at her beautiful full-size body and smiled.
“I’m happy you are home,” she muffled under her sleepy voice.
“Why?” Jimmy asked with a curious look on his face as he moved to place the things bought away.
“You know why.”
“No, I don’t.”
“Come over here let me show you.”
“I think I need to shower before in venture into the bed.”
“No, just sit with me for a while my conscience is killing me.”
He sat which her and they talked for a while. He poured his heart out to her without holding back and felt comfortable, a feeling he had not have since his early years.
“Getting your heart broken once is hard enough but on multiple occasions by the same person is the worst feeling one could experience. Well, that is for me, my worst feeling ever. I was so in love with her I did some stupid things but in the end, I was mostly trying to be there because she got pregnant. It is painful but taught me self-worth.”
“Does her actions change your earlier thoughts towards women on a whole?”
“No, it doesn’t. When you are forced to dry your own tears and hold your own hands in difficult times, it prepares you for almost anything. It makes you strong.”
“Enough to lift me off this bed and raise me over your head?”
“Enough to make you my girlfriend if you are interested.”
“Hold up, Tia. If you continue to care what she thinks, you will be like her prisoner, like I was, until she is ready to discard you like a used pad.”
“What a comparison!”
Jimmy left her to get a shower with instructions to prepare something which he had brought for them to have for their supper. He is a tea lover and she likes her coffee black, strong and steamy.
Sitting on the sofa facing the bed, Jimmy sipped his tea in direct view of her closed thighs. He looked on in amazement as she questioned his motives for starting with such potency. She could feel his eyes massaging her body from toes to breasts as he ignores her face trying not to smile at her beautiful eyes, one of which was covered with the white puffy tail of the hat.
She opened her legs wide but just enough for him to know that her cluster is shaved, wet and running down her legs. She eased her body up to remove a section of the sheet which was making her uncomfortable unwillingly opening it all for Jimmy to get a better view. He was turned on and so too was she.
Jimmy set his tea aside to help her get more comfortable. He didn’t return to the hot beverage. Jimmy was prevented to leave the bed by Tia’s girth of his semi-erection and pulled him towards her.
“I’m wet and getting cold but I don’t want to put on anything, what can you do for me,” she asked in a seductive voice.
She was still holding it when he was ready and firm. She turned to face him. With her legs, she pulled him closer to her resting his hardness atop her vagina and gradually used her legs to move his body backward and forward rubbing Jimmy’s boner from the edge of her clitoris to her pelvis and from time to time it would fall below her puffed clitoris and get wet, making the heat of the moment more intense.
Tia wanted more but didn’t know how to beg for it as the guilt was still on her mind plus the fact that she was asked to be his girlfriend which she wants but afraid to go through with it.
They were both standing while Jimmy explored her body with kisses. She was in constant motion unable to control herself. Even her breathing was out of sync with her body and she was begging for air. Jimmy sat on the bed with a reach to her sexy buttocks which he used his phallus to slap again the cheeks where they mee. She liked it. He continued until her juices were literally running down her legs. He slipped on a condom, held her hips and slowly pulled her towards him. Her stance had her sitting on his rocky phallus with a loud moan which could be heard from meters away.
To get more out of the position, Jimmy lifted himself off the bed while still in motion, using his hand to balance backward. The strokes were steady and mild to hard as he pushed all he could inside only to pull out enough to not do too much work as he wanted his energy to go as long as they could manage. As Tia’s legs got tired, she sat more on him than pose for each pleasurable stroke. He was not able to pull too much out as she was too close to him.
He found extra strength enough to lift Tia and placing her on the sofa. He found himself underneath her as her head fell behind the handle of the sofa while Jimmy worked her body like he wanted maximum production for his shift.
Positions changed but the pleasure was the same and they went on until it was Christmas morning a little beyond midnight. Sweaty and satisfied, they both fell asleep with the doors and windows open.
Written by Dre_k47
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