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Daughter of the Moon

T 'was a cloudless night on the eve of her birth,  

The wind was silent, and the sea was calm;  

Excitement vibrated deep within the earth,  

A babe's cry pierced the air in repeated song.  

An Ocean Princess blessed the King and Queen,  

Their joyful laughter drowned out her cries;  

She was the most beautiful that any had ever seen,  

Awe struck the hearts of all who have gazed into her eyes.  

The stunning color of priceless emerald,  

And a thick patch of hair as black as night;  

The King sent out his most-trusted Harold,  

To announce the birth of the Princess of moonlight.  

O daughter of the Moon, how beloved you are,  

Many come to see you, from close and afar;  

A wonderful life awaits you, O daughter of the Moon,  

May your days remain bright as the sun in high noon.  

As the years passed by, the Princess grew in beauty,  

Her smiles and laughter radiated pure sunshine;  

Peace filled the souls of those who heard her singing,  

Her large group of admirers all thought: "I wish she was mine."  

T 'was a similar night to the one of her birth,  

Where she met her other half;  

An honorable Lord of mighty worth,  

Clad in golden armor and carrying a great staff.  

Deep within the woods the Lord heard her sing,  

A sound of which could not be compared;  

He beheld his first sight of the daughter of the King,  

Awe filled the Lord's soul as he thought her most fair.  

O daughter of the Moon, how beloved you are,  

Many come to see you, from close and afar;  

A wonderful love will bless you, O daughter of the Moon,  

Many would kill for the honor to listen to your tune.  

The Lord stepped out into the moonlight,  

With a swirl of her dress the Princess spun around;  

Time stood still as they locked on sight,  

Their quickening heartbeats were the only sounds.  

Their gazes met: rich emerald and deep sapphire,  

The Lord immediately fell in love with the Ocean Princess;  

Deep within the Lord's heart ignited a passionate fire,  

He vowed to himself to protect his most precious.  

Long into the night the pair danced and sung,  

In those hours before dawn they felt incredible bliss;  

The Lord and the Princess both knew they had found their one,  

And so, a beautiful vow was sealed with a kiss.  

O daughter of the Moon, how beloved you are,  

Many come to see you, from close and afar;  

A great destiny lies ahead of you, O daughter of the Moon,  

May your strength rival the force of a great typhoon.  

T 'was a beautiful spring day when the pair was wed,  

Their love for each other warmed their souls;  

The Lord's gaze was tender as he laid his Lady to bed,  

At last they have found each other and became whole.  

The Ocean Princess and her golden Lord,  

The hand of a healer and the strength of a warrior;  

Immobile as statues, unflinching as the storm roared,  

The breathing proof of something superior.  

During the short minutes of the solar eclipse,  

The Ocean Princess bore a daughter and a son,  

With their father's golden mane, and an incredibly strong grip;  

The Lord and Lady shared a smile as they knew their real journey had just begun.  

For many years the Ocean Princess and her Lord lived happily,  

Their passionate love always burned bright;  

Their souls were most at peace when with their family,  

This was the tale of the Princess born in moonlight.
Written by LunasChild8
Published | Edited 30th Dec 2017
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