If you’re sure there is no God, why do you always criticize Him the way that you do?

By Stanley Collymore

For persons like me who take their Christian Faith seriously and
which is itself clearly juxtaposed, as has always been the case,
with a firm and unswerving belief in God Almighty, all this
might come as something of a puzzlement to those who’re
distinctly sceptical of every religion that there is and not
only the Christian one. Committed agnostics who not
only think but also openly say that they need more
persuasive arguments to thoroughly convince them that there’s
an authentic feasibility of there being a God and, moreover,
one who does actually exist. Or intransigent atheists, for
their part whose entrenched view on religion and hand
on heart approach is that it’s essentially a concerted
gambit by the societally rich and privileged elites,
and has always been so, to maintain the general
masses in check and continuous subjugation.

And, consequently, that religion and its earnestly embarked
on proselytizing vocation is therefore nothing more or
less in substance than a suitable and effective sop
being used by its ironically, largely irreligious
controllers to fittingly ensure that this deeply
inbuilt, structurally continuing, somewhat
controlling in its formation, perpetually
and emotionally exploitative, and a distinctly graspingly
materialistic mechanism carries on remorselessly to
their private satisfaction and covetous ambitions,
as well as their anticipated and readily looked
forward to, contented, self-aggrandizement,
while simultaneously noticeably working
extremely consciously to the calculated
disadvantage and the overall detriment
of practically everyone else in their
relevant wider communal society.

But crucially, too, there are those who conscionably
speculate or otherwise strongly demand to know
what the forthright and honest answer to this
unsettling and troublesome question is: “If
there’s honestly a God in existence and,
furthermore, one who is patently almighty, all-seeing,
unquestionably all-knowing and even supposedly
everlastingly good as it’s frequently suggested
and often pedantically claimed or arrogantly
pronounced that super-being genuinely is
and shall forever be. Why on earth then
does he, she or it regularly, manifestly
and unpardonably turn a blind eye to
or, worst still, uninterestedly permit
to occur the surfeit of multifarious
activities and infinitely outrageous
atrocities globally, and which specifically correlate
with demarcated concerns of political, social and
particularized injustices, extensive suffering of
all kinds and themselves hugely compounded
by calculated, gross and malevolent actions
of dispossession, mass murder, genocide,
crimes against humanity, torture and its
associated corporeal abuse; financial
corruption and human exploitation
attendant with innumerable, heart
rending incidences of what are
largely preventable diseases,
mass starvation and further
acts of planned criminality.
All of these the sickening specialities devised through
rampant imperialism and the residues of malignant
colonialism, instigated by western hemispheric
countries on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean
and afterwards disastrously fulfilled either
by Useful Idiotic sycophants working for
them or the west’s very own armed and
odious, military association: The North
Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO).

Now set all that against your personal beliefs, delusional
though several of them they might be yet despite that
are voiced openly, resonantly and arrogantly that
somehow your particular race complemented
with its professedly cherished skin colour,
together too with your culturally taught
maxim and loyally illusory aphorism
that you of all people are definitely
far superior to everyone else and,
therefore, completely entitled to
the incontestable privilege of racial and social exclusivism,
and then ask yourself why any God regardless of whom
that person is, would seriously want to save you from
your own stupidity? And if you’re half as clever as
you reckon that you are you’ll quickly recognize
why it is that God who from the very moment
of your conception knowledgeably endowed
you with the ability to think and also make
germane decisions for yourself, would in
conditions as the barbaric abuse or the
devised abandonment by you of this
divine trust and solidarity wouldn’t
or conceivably should not desire,
and taking all things into appropriate consideration,
allow you to be aptly hoisted by your own petard
while they independently opt, as any judicious
observer would not to interfere? But because
they don’t, when your stupidity eventually
smacks you head-on and catastrophically
in the face does not, if I might dare to
suggest, by any of your pertinacious
ideas suggest, let alone in any way
establish that God does not exist!

© Stanley V. Collymore
18 December 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Whether or not you believe that Jesus Christ was actually born on the 25th December – and credible data categorically demonstrate that he most definitely was not, as that date, having already been well recognized and completely accepted in the European pagan calendar as a very important pagan festival day and therefore the early purveyors of Christianity into this part of the world fully cognizant of this, rather pragmatically saw the wisdom of retaining it and furthermore also incorporating this day into the Christian calendar with the same degree of significance rather than scrapping it and in the process lose the prospect of gaining pagan converts to Christianity, accordingly hard-headedly adopted this important pagan day as the highlight of the European Christian calendar.

A ploy that worked wonderfully well, for not only did these proselytizers of Christianity into Europe succeed in their prearranged objective and turned Europe from being pagan into what superficially at any rate became a Christian entity, when Europeans subsequently began their colonization of considerable parts of the globe, though essentially at heart hardly Christian in what they were doing at the time, Christmas Day already a central plank in the Christian faith of Europeans was also transferred by whatever means, fair or foul although the latter was the most common of these methods, by these Europeans who’d colonized these territories and at the same usurped the inalienable rights of their indigenous populations.

So one way or another Christianity became the dominant religion not only in Europe but also the areas of the world that Europeans had colonized and accordingly dominated. Therefore, in the process of all this Christianity and particularly so Christmas Day itself, and the numerous festivities surrounding whether these were religious or in effect secular, became a significant and ensuing traditional component of the year’s calendar.

A time when most people endeavour, if only superficially so, to give the impression, at least publicly, that they’re essentially “decent” human beings and not at all bad as it might overly seem. Unless, of course, you happen to be a thoroughly sickening, totally dim-witted, inured, and a thoroughbred purblind, moronic warmonger like STUART PEACH: A bigwig – what’s essentially a pseudonym for an insidious open Queer, but more likely than not a clandestine one in the hierarchical officer corps of the British Armed Forces. Fundamentally Ingrained scum without a modicum of merit or self-worth to their pathetic existence and who need to consistently and publicly grandstand in the most ludicrous of fashions to draw attention to their useless existence. Persons who gain advancement not through merit but rather through the well-practised method of bending over and enjoying it while thinking of their distinctly skewed and sick version of England.

And while I hold no brief for any of the nuclear nations, openly declared or clandestine as in the case of Yidland, since they’re all of them the same with thoroughly imbecilic leaders for the most part who like the feral school kids that they are in mind-set haven’t grown up and never will because they haven’t the capacity to do so and consider their nuclear arsenals in the very same way as a self-declared Lothario does his “large” penis whether he’s any good at using it effectively, it’s the identical situation with these nuclear jerks. Big mouths and no common sense behind their bragging.

And having gotten all that off my chest I’d now finally and importantly like to turn to you my readers, followers and those following me, through thick and thin, and say how grateful I am to you for taking some of your most valuable time to read and at times positively respond to my several articles, poetry, tweets and other online publications. And your contributions I can assure you are immensely appreciated. So especially from me, my German Partner, family members and our closest friends we wish you a truly Merry Christmas with God’s fullest blessings, and attendant with those a fantastic and most rewarding 2018. God Bless You All!
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