Restrained conventionality or informed consent to the inner and challenging voice of reason?

By Stanley Collymore

Always and earnestly endeavour to be who and what you
genuinely as well as independently think and believe
that you are Ė and as is habitually the case, if left
unfettered, invariably turns out to be Ė sensibly
and unapologetically devising in the process
of your doing so as much ordered objectivity, in relation
to yourself and your personal ambitions, that you can
realistically muster and then with straightforward
integrity utilize in your serious desire to be the
person - whom with accomplished courage, a
tenacious determination and both of these
descriptions combined with a decidedly,
absolutely decisively, unpretentious
and engaging composition - youíll
be suitably acquainted not only
to truthfully and gratifyingly
wish to be, but in actuality
also admirably become.

© Stanley V. Collymore
12 December 2017.

Authorís Remarks:
Is it just a generational thing or have people nowadays in general and when compared to previous generations of the same ages and essentially social standing become a lot lazier, more stupid and increasingly significantly more incompetent than their predecessors have ever been?

Present-day individuals who havenít the rudimentary common-sense let alone any discernible intellectual acumen to either think about far less so suitably work out solutions for themselves but instead consistently choose to rely on the malevolent overtures of others to determine for them how they should think or react to situations that explicitly relate to themselves.

And what sort of a meaningful life is it when the innate qualities that you were born with are asininely, unthinkingly and willing allowed to be subjugated by the selfish adventurism and wishes of others, leaving you in the process as nothing more than essentially dim-witted and easily manipulated human robots?

Your decision undoubtedly but is this really the very best that you can contribute or deliver to humanity after several millennia of mankindís evolution?
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