If you know how much †
I want you to die †  
you will surely cry †  
and I wouldnít mind †  
if you would decry †  
I am guilty of crime † †
† †
I await you to approach †  
keep a close night watch †  
with my sense radar †  
on every possible track †  
ambush for a sudden attack †  
I am confident †  
you wonít be ever off the hook †  
† †
As an alternative option †  
you had better be blindfolded †  
against the wall †  
die as a brave defeated hero †  
otherwise you could consider †  
drown yourself in the apple cider † †
that have prepared for my brother †  
† †
You can accuse me † †
of intentional homicide †  
and provide a cast-iron alibi †  
to set yourself free with a lie †  
but the strawberry print †  
on my pure lovely chest †  
already self-proves †  
you could never ever declare †  
you have never done that †  
† †
Stop the damn buzzes †  
and stay away from me †  
not until itís too late to regret †  
once I catch you †  
you will be dead meat †  
I will do whatever †  
pinch off your antennas †  
gouge your eyes †  
cut off your limbs †  
squash your torso †  
unless itís made of marble †  
† †
I could kill you in a flash †  
with an electric swatter †  
burn you into dusty ash †  
or else with a hammer †  
let you become a dot  
on the wall paper †  
you may be lucky enough †  
to dodge the bullet †  
but you wonít live long enough †  
to become a bully †  
† †  
Finally I am tired of terrorist attack †  
since the night falls so deep †  
and my body became so weak †  
fine, smart mosquito †  
enjoy your last gasp †  
until tomorrow, just tomorrow †  
I will let you know † †
how I take care of you †  
only in a fatal blow
Written by RoseJasmine
Published | Edited 10th Dec 2017
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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