So I turned on the TV today, and guess what?

So I turned on the TV today
And Guess what?
I was told I was too fat
I would look in the mirror, look at my breast and my ass
Thinking....oh my god..I need to lose weight and lose weight fast
So I looked over to the toilet bowl, made a goal like..
If I throw up this and this much times a day
Maybe I can lose this much weight
Maybe I can get a man to look me in my face
Tell me that he loves me, and put his arms around my waist
cause you know by that time I'll be all like..skinny..and
Oh forgive me, I went off track
Let me take it back to the point where I was trying to make a fact
You see the media puts my women on blast
Trying to tell them if they don't look like this
Then they look like trash
But you see I don't care
I never cared
I don't want to be the center fold
I rather look like trash
Than have my ass look like Skeletor
And for better or
Worse, Imma do me
No matter how much it hurts
Imma do me
Cause when these other women pass me by
They can't fool me
With their MAc make up they are using
To cover up their beauty
It's amusing
How A few see
Who they truly are
It doesn't matter if you're brown, black, white, asian, native
You are a star
And you can go far
For we are,
God's beautiful art
For he made us with all his heart
We are the mothers of his seed
We are the significance of life
Like the air we breathe
Don't tell me I was put on this earth
To give birth to someone who will disrespect me
Call me, a bitch or a hoe
Or tell me I look like shit cause I don't weigh like what? Zero?
And dont't you dare ever tell me, I don't have power
CAuse I guarantee you cowards, I will have your ass fall back just like the twin towers
Maybe not at 9:59 on the hour
But you know,
But on the real note
I am sick of being disrespected
And subjected, to rape, oppression
And told I am overweight when my reflection says different
I am sick of being a victim of you snakes
With hate in your veins
Cause you are afraid to be who you are
My life has been just as hard
Cause I've been through the pain and been through the struggle
And yes I have been scarred
So there is nothing you can tell me that can rip me apart
Cause I am made up of strength and the strength is from God
Now, I've been beaten, bruised, and battered
Stil I rise up like a Panther
Still I don't take no crap cause i only deal with the factors
Not because of that's who I is
But simply cause a woman shouldn't take no hits
Cause believe me I've been kicked,
I've been spitted on, shitted on
But guess what I am still living on
And there is nothign that you can tell me that can set me back
Cause beleive me I am as real as it gets
You cannot detect the silicone in my breasts
And you cannot judge me as less
cause I can overcome any obstacle and or test
Now, some of you may be wondering
Who the hell am I?
I will tell you right now
I am a woman of pride
Maybe I can't change your mind
But we can never make changes unless we change our mind, get me?
Written by MC_Essence
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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