There were so many days that I'd wake up to the sun's rise
Raise my hand up to block out the rays licking my face
Pleading with them to just please... please go away
As if I had become something a mirror couldn't recognize
Finding comfort in the self-frabricated darkness that came in waves
Lasting days upon days, the ocean I stranded myself in, would play games
And change up the maze as I'd gaze upon the thought of escape, the destination I so craved
Alas, when it was in reach, the day in which I was finally rescued; saved
Was herald by one fleeting moment...

The first time I saw your smiling face, I couldn't handle the space between us
The pace of my heart began to thunder... that vital torrent coursing through my torso
A warm sensation flushed my cheeks, I couldn't maintain control over
The rush of fresh blood escaping into my flesh
My ribs grew sore from the rapid tremors and turmoil of the hurricane raging within my breast
Begging for release but fearing the aftermath and devastation that could ensue
A roaring monsoon of exhumed emotion that was thought lost; forgotten in its remote tomb
The dank, stale air dispersed, the lucid fear became translucent as it leered in jealous contempt
It knew it no longer held a place in my heart, for fear loves nothing but the dark...
Unchanging abyss that I once found comfort in, dreading the ever swaying angle of light
I kept myself locked away with its lot, a hapless victim of stockholm syndrome
Until the day came that I met you... and everything changed...

In that moment a hand broke the veil, molded with a soft curve, an offer with it
Worth it, perfect in every way as it caught the light I thought I'd never deserve
As we strolled the night beneathe the glittering sky, with eyes wide shimmering
Like broken glass against a headlights shine, something magical was happening
I could feel it in my skin, a tingling sensation, such longing to carress your being
You grabbed my hand and my heart nearly stopped, it was the icing and cherry laced far atop
This mountainous sundae in which you designed, that sunday night was the best night of my life
You sparked such hope and love deep inside, you ran off the monsters I once allowed to reside
You held me close and oh so very tight, you pressed your lips against mine to ignite...
Everything my mind had lied to me about

My darling... you are greater than every word my mouth can form
For these lips fail to preform an analogy equatable to your loving warmth...
God has left this poet with an inadequate vocabulary, unable to find even one arrangement
That dares to challenge just how fair and rare you really are... But that goes without saying
I will still try to slay every word across this page in a beautiful display that conveys just how I feel for you...
And every last word is true...
You are the light of all lights, for everything you touch transends perfection and beauty
You are every shoreline with arms stretched wide, as far as the eye can see
Inviting every lost sailor's soul forgotten to rot amongst the vast seas...
You are within every pulse of my heart's beat
It is you that dawn happens for me, and every curling wave is broken
Through each unspoken action woven through unconditional devotion
Eroding the calloused corrosion invading my every emotion
That once left me frozen without the thought of ever being chosen to be...
The one that someone holds, the one that someone loves
The one who won someones heart, the one who gets a new start
The one who gets to be happy... with you
Written by WordScape (Casey Brock)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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