The Message Of Intellect

listen to the man in front of you    
not your girlfriends    
or the ghosts of boyfriends past    
or the voice in your head    
feeding you ideologies of what a man should be    
listen to the man in front of you    
take a step back from the fire      
for a moment    
see him for who he is    
not for what you want him to be    
or what you think his potential could be    
then watch how he moves    
that is the comparison you should be making    
peep the energy he keeps around him    
the kind of things he entertains    
his ...extravagances    
check for self discipline and character    
his level of accountability    
what kind of life is he building?    
is it a vision or a delusion?    
do not confuse his education with intellect    
or his strength with resolve    
same goes for you    
take time for some honest self analysis    
examine your pros and cons    
your needs and your wants    
where your life is headed and is he a compatible fit    
review your behavior      
and his response to your behavior    
then and ask yourself    
what was it that drew you to this man    
and what is it that keeps you drawn to this man    
is it a relationship      
you are cultivating with him?    
are you trying to relate to him?    
or is it strictly about how he makes you feel?    
in what context do you want him?    
once again    
back away from the fire    
separate how you feel about him    
and what doesn't feel right    
and what you know for sure      
love doesn't give a fuck about logic    
use your intellect and intuition      
to help guide your heart    
cuz with or without this man in front of you    
your soul is always going to be    
your own responsibility    
do you have a fundamental      
love for yourself?    
if you're the grown woman      
you claim to be    
then take responsibility for your life    
cuz beyond all the advice    
beyond all the emotional support    
you're going to have to carry the weight      
of your decisions all by yourself    
once again    
do you have a fundamental      
love for yourself?    
just know this  
when you get off the phone  
when you turn off the laptop    
turn off the lights and close your eyes    
your truth always will be there waiting for you    
shining in the darkness
Written by Sincere29
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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