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like a rose she grows through the earth
blossoming into her very own lure †
entertaining to the core †
so wonderfully soft to the touch †
her layers hide a story that begs to be heard †
but only by her one true love †
a beauteous can be a work of art †
she can also be a miserable mess †
petals that fell from years of rain †
thunderous hurt by selfish neglect †
every man desires a beauteous †
not every man is up to the task †
when a beauteous sleeps, †  
she should peacefully †  
soft breathing into the silent night †  
being looked over by her protector †
never knowing what abuse looks like †
if you want to keep her beautiful  
you have to take time and care †
thatís what will keep her around †
some men think itís cool to act like jerks †
cheat, and beat their beauteous, †
till theyíre back down in the dirt †
controlling them by fear like a prisoner †  
never appreciating what they really have †
but that isnít caring †
fuck no, that isnít anything †
itís about loving, not lusting †
friendship with partnership †
looking at her like the beauty she always was †
even if sheís upsetting †
it just needs to be understood †
that a beauteous is a rose †
until sheís turned into thorns †
Written by LadyKilla
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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