A fathers love

I knew you before you were born, but not what you would become.
I saw you open your eyes, for the very first time. I gave you your name, and called you mine.
I told you stories every night, and sang sweet lullabies. I tucked you in your bed.
I did not always give you what you wanted; but what was best for you instead.
I prayed for God to watch over you, and protect you everyday. Even when I knew It was over, for you I decided to stay.
I told you corny jokes. I fixed things you broke. I watched you grow, and gave you space. I solved your problems,
forgave your mistakes. I paid all the bills.
I marveled at your skills. I fought with you, for you. I cried with you, for you.
Now as tears roll down my cheek writing words you will never read, I am left with nothing, no words do we speak.
How did I let this happen, how was I so weak? The strong man I once was, now brought down to his knees.
I think of my dear Father, and what he is to me, It is more than I can bear, knowing that I'll never be....that
source of strength and wisdom, a person to which you can lean, someone that you can trust, someone you can tell
everything. The man my Father was and is to me. Through all of my faults, disappointments, shortcomings, failures,
failed promises, things you remember that I cant even think of, One thing will never ever change my son.....
thats a Father's unending eternal love. Gladly will i lay down my life for you, without hesitation.
You are and will always be, my most wonderful creation. More precious to me are you, than anything on earth.
No matter what you think of me, in my thoughts you are always first. I hope that when someday, this cruel world
takes me away, you will have at least one fond memory of us, one nice thing to say. I may not have been, the best
Father in your eyes, but to me you'll always be, the best son a dad could see. I love you to the moon the stars
the sun and back, and even farther than that. Im sorry for all the things I did wrong.
If you ever read this letter, perhaps it will make things just a little bit better.
And one day maybe, when your a man, you'll have a son of your own, and then you'll understand....
just what you mean to me. I love you for eternity.

Lie to me, I will understand.
Cut me, I will bleed tears of forgiveness.
Burn the bridge between us, I will build it again, no matter how many times you destroy it.
Curse me, I will pray for you everyday.
Hate me, I will never stop loving you.
Shut me out, I will never stop sending ILY'S.
I will wait, for however long it takes.
I will suffer one million heartbreaks.
Hoping and praying for that day, you will return to me.
I will welcome you with open arms, and rejoice to the heavens above.
There is no limit to a Father's Love.
Written by Saximony
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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