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Tangled Tongues

(collab of Prophet and DawnbeforeDark)

I take her hand, as she leads me down to the chamber of love
A seductive smell lingers in the air and she turns around to wink
She pulls me closer to her as we descend the stairs to the chamber,
we walk arm in arm and I feel her warmth and the beating of her heart.

Light was scarce, only given by the dancing buds of fire
Dim was the room, making every touch a surprise
Every sense had its own orgasm
allowing us to be completely enveloped
and inebriated by seduction.

Drunk from lust we stepped towards the draped confines
in the center of this dark space
Suddenly spinning to face my romance, back towards the bed
Soft lips found mine my eyes closed without my say so.

In full darkness, with the sparks of chemistry
And breath of passion panting between us
our lips meet parting ever so slightly, kissing slowly at first
And as this passion takes over, the tips of our tongues meet
and I feel an excited rush of pleasure
as she playfully bites my lower lip.

I pull away for a second
to kiss and lick the nape of her neck
I feel her shuddering from ecstatic ecstasy
And I cup the small of her back with one hand
And her beautiful booty with the other.
Our lips return to lock and
our tongues playfully dance about one another
Playing, back and forth slow, fast, fast, slow
Lost in the moment of our dance.

Ripping off each otherís clothes with passionate fervor
My hands run up his body and stop at his chest
Our tangled tongues halted as I pull away slightly
A smile gleamed across my face as I push him down
to melt in the covers
Velvet and satin sheets massage his back
as I climb atop staring and savoring my catch
....every moment...every touch...every desire
was met with soft moans of approval.

Skin upon skin slick with wetness
sweat beading as once again
our tongues search for the familiar dance
that familiar taste of sweet saliva.

We rode in the night our bodies keeping time
Her silky soft body
a comforting sensation at every touch
My hands cupping her round full breasts,
tweaking her pert, perky nipples ever so softly.

Hearing her moan and groan
as she grinds to the rhythm
I slowly move my hands to her back,
sliding them down
To cup her shapely ass
Feeling the rhythm of Outside in.
She rolls onto her back
For me to mount her
In and out, in and out
our breath quickening
with every thrust.

As he probes at my wetness
I pull him in until Iíve enveloped him
Gripping him
Vice like with powerful thighs
Preventing him from withdrawal
My mouth finds his ear
Licking and nibbling
Razor like nails dug into his skin
I arch my back
As he enters me deeper
My grip on his hips tighten slightly
As he withdraws and thrusts into me again
and again faster and faster
His magnificent throbbing dick
touching every hidden spot

Writhing beneath him
We moan loudly in unison.
Passionate fervor
never ending desire
the want for more
Once again I find myself straddled on top of him
My appetite for him controls my movement
Over and over again
my creamy wet sweet juices
pour over his stiff cock
Causing a tremble to course through us both
unnerving and epically long
this sensual quake
Takes hold.

She hops off me like a wily rabbit
with an adrenaline rush,
Kneeing at the edge of the bed
kissing the head of my cock with her pouty lips.
Parting them, ever so softly, sucking the tip into her lips

Teasing his tip with my tongue
Licking, sucking and kissing
Wrapping my tongue around the shaft
as I stroke up and down
Taking him in my mouth
so deep he touches
the back of my throat

As she opens her throat, I feel it go deep.
Her eyes bulge slightly.
Faster and faster she moves her head up and down
until I'm almost at the edge of release.
But then I pull back
and pull her up next to me to lay down.
I crawl on top, and I tease my tip upon her opening,
as I cup her breast with one hand

One hand fondling a breast
while taking the other in his mouth before
He slowly moves his way down
kissing and teasing my midriff with his tongue
He stops and lingers tender lips hover mouth full of hunger
As he exposes the luscious middle so soft, so moist
Ready and waiting for himÖ.he teases flicking with his tongue
Gently rubbing and probing with soft fingers
Quickly he moves to back up to look into my eyes
Slowly entering me...I gasp and moan in ecstasy
Deep powerful thrusts raising and spreading my legs above me
Driving in harder faster...the more I moan and cry with pleasure
The deeper he goes the louder his grunts

I change the angle of my cock, ever so slightly,
Driving back and forth across her love button,
And hitting the special spot, just up and in,
Hearing her slow moan rise to a sharp AAHHH!
Her eyes roll back into her head slightly,
As she screams out, passionately into the night.

As she pulls her knees up towards her chest,
All I can hear is the slap of my thighs on her ass,
I let out a groan of pleasure,
as she moans an pants as I drive it home,
Hitting her erogenous zones,
from the pearl to the oyster
I dive deep to shuck her shell

She tugs her knees to her chest,
As I drive it, deep, drive it home
Her eyes close, and a bit of drool
escapes the corner of her mouth
Her panting reaches the edge,
And the rush of energy
from my body to my head
tells me that I have too

...Until at last
with the most powerful thrust of all
we both climax
Earth shattering orgasm
both trembling and quaking as we collapse
Into each otherís arms
our bodies intertwined
Holding each other
my head upon his chest
his arm wrapped around me
We fall into a deep sleep
caused from a night
of uninhibited and carnal passion.
Written by DawnbeforeDark (Fallen Poet)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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