Isn't She Pathetic?

How can you look yourself in the mirror?

Knowing that because of you she can't stop the tears.

You let go so easily.

while so was holding on so steadily.

You were all she thought about,

All she could talk about.

You told her years and gave her weeks.

Gone for days,

She just wished you'd have stayed.

Never wanted to open up more.

Then you told her she's a bore.

She gave and she gave, until she was broke.

Now she's left crying,

Looking like a joke.

It's unbelievable.

All the lies that you spoke.

You gave her so much false hope.

She's analyzing her figure.

Thinking, "Maybe if I was thinner. Bigger tits, Slimmer waste. A fat ass, and thighs that would make him shake."

Degrading herself.

Hating herself.

Telling herself, it was all her fault.

That if she didn't love so hard, you wouldn't have been so harsh.

"You're really annoying."

Messing with her mind.


Wouldn't even make eye contact.


You couldn't even look her in the eyes and tell her the truth.

That even when she was working her ass off.

Pissing her family off,

Pretending she was okay.

She acted that way so you'd just stay.

Even though he demons were beating her

it was you who was mistreating her.

Every violent word from her littles beasts,

Made her feel better when you'd leave.

She gave up so much for you

Dropped some mother fuckers for you.

Dropped cash on you

So you could do what?

feel like you had the upper hand?

Nah, that's really fucked up, man!!

Was any of it true?

The sweet words over the phone,

the promises of love and affection, that special connection.

Was all of it fake?

Her heart wasn't yours to break.

Yet you did.

She's afraid to fall in love again.

Afraid her barriers will come caving in.

I'm sorry i wasn't good enough for you.
Written by ChoaticGoddess (ShyG)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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