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Brings Me Down

I woke up with  
such a positive attitude  
the sky was sunny  
beautiful scenery all around  
everything seemed great  
till I saw your face  
all your hostility
brings me down  

heard from a friend  
you were talking crap †
guess you donít have the guts  
to say anything to my face  
so what was it you were saying?  
couldnít be about my work ethics  
itís just too solid  
the love of my life, maybe?  
nah, sheís far more beautiful  
then any girl youíll ever get  

so it had to be about my skin  
you donít think itís superior †
like yours?  
because from where Iím at  
youíre a fucking hobbit †
with what looks like piss allover your mug  
so build a wall around that  
no one wantís to see that crap  

Iím a loving soul  
I really am  
but an eye for an eye  
is what I live by  
and some people just irk me  
talking out their assholes  
only just ignorance without facts  

I know how it is  
Trump was a god send  
for morons like you  
not that Iím into talking politics  
but instead of saying ďObama thisĒ †
and ďHillaryĒ that  
letís start talking about  
how a racist, sexist, narcissist  
is not going to fuck up this country  

forget it  
itís just pointless  
even if it does hurt at times  
I wonít let you know it  
that hateful nonsense is for the birds  
canít argue with stupidity anyway  
so I wonít even try  
I get more satisfaction  
smiling at your piss face  
watching jealousy eat at you  
all while Iím holding all the gifts  
that I fought so hard for  
Written by LadyKilla
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