Sacred Contracts XXXIV: Enemy

When I was young(er)        
I despised my 'enemy'                
crushed them with gossip        
gloated over failed attempts        
to despoil my happiness        
with their jealous tactics        
But, having aged, I realized        
their actions weren't about me        
but themselves        
Really; they were never adversaries      
just great teachers instead        
because I've been there;        
I've plowed bitter curriculum        
of experience until calcified classrooms        
curled arthritic in resentment        
lashed out in blame, sown        
putrid revenge to douse the Light        
emanating from a festive smile        
spewed vitriol into gale forces        
of Time, whose asymmetrical hands  
rounded the face of my own demise  
Decades of swallowing dust  
from failed crops weakened my resolve  
enough to submit and accept;  
to listen and recognize Love  
in each hopeless situation  
I'd brought upon myself  
to acknowledge responsibility  
for my own choices leading  
to heartache and loss  
to stop blaming everyone else  
for misguided steps  
I alone chose to take  
to heed Love's voice and follow  
despite Its pinioned sword  
drawing blood from mistakes  
For how can any of us discern  
delicious depth of ripened juice  
without first tasting sour fruit  
This is the Holy Grail of Truth:  
We stunt our growth worshipping  
a past that's long forgotten us            
. . .  
From the fibers of gnarled carpet  
I prayed and begged for Love;  
It heard and called me forth  
Someday, when you're old(er)  
you'll learn ( as I did, the hard way. . .);  
it will also call yours  
You'll discern ( as I did )  
you've sabbotaged yourself enough  
and are worthy of so much more  
My earnest prayer for you  
is to realize you're not a victim  
to point blame at anyone  
But, the Creator of your own reality  
emitting a mirrored back frequency  
whether gratitude or misery  
Because you, and only you  
have ever been  
your own worst enemy                
Written by Ahavati
Published | Edited 27th Oct 2017
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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