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Owned My Dark Lord

my Darkest Lord                            
I hearken you                            
deep inside my tightness greed                            
feed me!                            
feed me!                            
I conjure you on this blackest night                            
i'm hungry for your thickened feast                            
ravage me without mercy                            
i've been an unfaithful bitch                            
my inner walls                            
bleed crimson                            
within darkness ache                            
demons scream                            
my pussy creams                            
feed me!                            
feed me!                            
you are the pyre                            
my soul cries out for                            
bound this wretched whore                            
squirms in torment vile                            
these are your grounds                            
let it be known                            
let it be heard                            
this cunt belongs to you                            
splayed upon a blackened alter                            
you sacrifice the inner soul                            
may she call forth                            
the beast in you                            
at this darkened hour                            
take me to Hades                            
where I am home        
in the chains                            
I wear as if they were  
the finest gown                           
I am ready this eve                            
to dine with you                            
ravenous hunger besieged me                            
feed your Queen                            
& set my wickedness free                           
so the masses know                            
I am owned & adored                            
held captive by your legion power                            
I feel your stygian energy                            
it snaps & sizzles                            
as it enters my virgin halls                            
then with your demonic member                            
you fuck my soul                            
& mark it as your own                            
Copyright © 2017 Crimsin. All Rights Reserved                                
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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