Good Girl (Adult Explicit)

I was 19. His 30th birthday was coming and all he wanted was a promise from me that I be his slave for a night. He'd get to tell me what he wanted and I'd have to get or give it to him. And I thought like, maybe, I'll run him a bath and have to make his supper. Give him head and let him bend me over in bed. 
I'm at the sink washing dishes from breakfast after work when he walks in and says, "Daddy's home." And he's behind me kissing my neck and "Happy Birthday," I say. And he says, "First thing: don't speak unless I tell you to or ask you a question." Okay... "Second: dont move unless I tell you to." I immediately begin to turn around and object, but he pinned me there and said "Uh-uh. This is what I want." Okay.  I felt ridiculous. It felt so unnatural. "One night. I want to play for one night." And he's rubbing his cock against my ass and his fingers are kneading my breasts looking for my nipples, so I just closed my eyes and my mouth and relaxed while he pulled my pantyhose and underpants down around my knees. I was bare pussied then. It was the easiest thing because the style was these high cut bathing suits, you really HAD to shave. He's petting me, petting my ass and the soft skin there where my closed thighs met my torso. And he's just softly grinding his pelvis against me saying what a good girl I was. In this really low deep voice. He dried my hands and turned me around and said, "Over the chair." "But the backs too high," I said. ... he spanked me!! I couldn't believe it. He spanked my bare ass bent me over that chair on the tips of my toes and then spanked me again! I'm thinking, "Holy shit. I have to get out of here!" But then he's petting me again and saying he's sorry, he knows I'm a good girl.  "Just be my good little girl..." and he's kissing my butt and his fingers are stroking my pussy lips and then he's licking and I'm relaxing again and it feels good. My legs are nearly dangling my hands are holding the table, the stockings and panties are at my knees and he's kneeling behind me not missing a spot with his tongue. Then he gets up and walks out of the kitchen. So I start to follow him. I'm straightening up and he's got my waist and I'm back over the chair and he is really spanking me! "I told you (spank) not to move (spank) unless I (spank) told (spank) you (spank) to (spank! Spank! SPANK!!")
I am beside myself, I am in so far over my head I think I'm going to be killed by this guy who has suddenly become a lunatic. 
But then he's petting me again and, "Now just be a good girl for me. I won't punish you if you're good. Will you be my good little girl?"  It took me a minute to realize I was supposed to answer, and "Yes!" Just before his hand came down on my ass again. 
Then he left again. He left me bent over that chair while the red welts he'd left on my ass faded and I actually started crying. Then he picked me up and we sat, me on his lap in the living room and he told me what he wanted. Quietly and calmly and I'm still with my panties and stockings around my knees and I can feel his hard on under my bum. And he's telling me it's not bad to enjoy this. It's not deviant to like a little pain, either causing it or receiving it. And we could have a word. But if you ever use the word, then we're done. And the rest of that night, it was mostly what I thought it would be... I made him supper, gave him a bath, gave him head, and he fucked me from behind. I just didn't speak a word and only moved when he told me too. Otherwise, I sat on the floor beside his feet with my head on his lap.   
Everything was mostly the same after that, except when he'd walk through the door and say, "Daddy's home!" Then I was his slave. His "Good Little Girl." And he'd say that. "Good girl," as he fucked my ass or inched his cock down my throat. It got so I'd get wet as soon as I heard the key in the lock. 
The word he gave me to use... if I wanted to stop, was his name. Because he was Daddy those nights. 
Written by Jdona
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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