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Crash Course

a crash course is all we get    
cuz we met after the fact    
after the aftermath of the heartbreak and pain    
after all the distrust and disdain      
left etched stains of its filthy remains      
once naive and wide eyed    
now lookin side eye    
checkin intensely for red flags    
for the amount of leftover bags    
hedging bets with spiteful chips on shoulders    
jaded monkeys riding backs    
and shameful skeletons hiding in closets    
good folk done did some bad things    
in an imperfect world filled with fractures hearts    
committing righteous wrongs      
all in the name of self preservation    
keeping love on reservation    
until there's affirmation of consistent reciprocity      
It's the new philosophies the damage brings    
with betrayal's toxic stench lingering about...    
like an 800 pound gorilla stinking up the room    
overwhelming the air between us    
putting our possibilities  
on the endangered species list      
but there's still room to grow    
to get over these hurdles in this crash course    
if of course we leap over them together    
with honest communication    
these inner storms we can weather    
we must first decide individually whether    
to be or not to be tethered to the past    
to carry our failures as lessons instead of burdens    
try not to smother one another    
with the contents of our baggage recklessly strewn about    
hogging up space and what not    
cuz nobody's soul should be considered      
a dumping ground    
sensitivity may have become a bit buffered    
from what we've both suffered over the years    
maybe we've both become subconsciously callous    
with no malice intended towards one another    
yet and still if time tells all stories      
then let us take our time    
as this crash course is sure to go from  
smooth to coarse and back again    
cuz love is indeed that wild horse    
that life demands we get back on and ride again    
it doesn't have to be another night-mare    
if we care enough to spare the bullshit    
that doesn't pertain to our present day reality    
we've readied      
and steadied ourselves as best we can    
communicated our fears..    
gave comfort as we shed tears    
listened with compassionate ears    
cuz we believe in what we're building    
seeking to renew ourselves    
from the foundation of charred earth    
equally burned we place our misfortunes into an urn    
to cast off as we seek to earn and give    
trust and devotion again    
treasuring worth from man to woman    
from woman to man    
learning to move within the grooves..    
respecting nuances    
acknowledging values..accepting eccentricities      
cuz it's the everyday small things      
along with the seismic epics      
that help forms the bigger picture    
so let this crash course    
end in the kind of collage where the epoch of us    
can be framed not with perfection      
but with a dedication to genuineness and growth    
something we both can look back on      
one day and say    
"and here we are"    
Written by Naajir
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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