Cinderella (The Gay Version)

There’s something that you didn’t know
Something they don’t want to show
You see, in reality, Miss Cinderella
Really was born a fella
He liked to dress up in drag
Where he was fabulous and not a dag
So ashamed was his stepmother
She kept from the world her daughters stepbrother  
Worked him hard, almost to the bone
Took away his privileges, like the telephone
No more iPods or internet
Locked in the cellar where he slept
But he heard rumours of a club  
The epitome of the social hub  
Where girls ran off to find a prince
With tales so lovely they made him wince
Working hard, washing, ironing
He’s hears the whispers of his stepsisters pining  
This Friday night was a ball  
Everyone would be there, not at the mall  
Poor Cindy, he wanted to go  
But with his chores he was far too slow  
He helped his hideous stepsisters dress
Made sure they didn’t look their best
Back in the cellar he made a plea
“Oh Fairy Godmother please help me”
In a flash, she appeared  
More ugly than he had feared
“How child, can I help?”
Her voice rasping, almost making Cindy yelp
“I wa-want to go to the ball”
Cindy cried in a fervent call  
His fairy godmother smiled back  
And Cindy tried not to yack  
She was ugly, what could she do?
To make him beautiful and not a fool
With a dramatic wave  
She brought forth a group of slaves
They glammed poor Cindy up  
He’d get through, he’d make the cut  
A dress so lovely and fine  
He was elegant and divine
Hair twirled up into a bun  
With curls hanging loose just for fun  
He was stunning, the belle of the ball
He’d find his prince and make him fall  
Creeping up the cellar stairs
Cindy prayed no one was there
But all was quiet, all was safe
And in no time he was away  
The bouncers, they let him through  
Wiping the sweat from his brow, he whispered “phew”
Upon the dance floor, the most glorious sight
The sight alone almost made his night
The prince alone, no girl in his arms
Taking a breath, Cindy told himself there’d be no harm  
He sauntered over, a nervous wreck  
Sweat slipping and sliding down his neck  
The prince looked up at him with a smile
And he and Cindy danced a while
Now fairy tales, they can come true
Though the how may surprise you
“I like men” the prince confessed
Cindy laughed, “I’m a man in a dress”
With a kiss the deal was sealed
The prince took him home, and all was revealed
Who says love can’t last forever?
When you take a chance and get a little clever.
© Indie Adams 2011
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
Published | Edited 6th Mar 2012
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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