Fallen Kingdom

Intoxicated, my love your desecrating
The sanctity in all of which you've created
Once there stood a proud hallow sanctuary
Now left a hollow tragedy in failures front page obituary
Addiction, seems to be the one ever lasting
Forever massing an affliction that keeps on haunting
These decadent halls of a passionate former glory
Built on a warmer story of a once devout family
But famine and war have bore a sunder
Torn, standing at the divide to wonder
Each capsule injested chased by a pint of venom
A vessel infested lost its glow to grow dim and numb
To leave a cold shell of an old man fel jaded and starved
Who harmed and destroyed the last star that guided them so far

Now blind and distraught from inner wars that he fought
A kingdom caught in the aftermath avarice wrought
For he brought his wrath down upon those innocent
With a decayed sense of consciousness and self relevance
Within the depth of his own conviction he lost his way
And forgot blood is thicker than the liquor which makes him sicker
And chose to flood those who rose up from the ashes and mud

But covered in soot a phoenix constructed of mother and sons
Erupted and breathed life into this once fallen hearth
To confront the feirce farce of a man and leave him partched
Sober and in front of the travesty he cleaved with each remark
That left their home stark and devoid of the slightest mark
Of love but they proudly engraved it every wall and hall
For all those to see for all those to believe that we were once a family
That at the helm and at its core that we are more than something torn
With our rise we'll rebirth a kingdom of self worth
Set forth an era that corrects the error of abuse and terror
Ending the use of substance neglect to never again be left unchecked
And never forget the hardships we were forced to endure

For we are the pure, we can endure, there is a cure
For we will be pure, we will endure, we are the cure
A fallen kingdom will be reborn
A fallen kingdom we'll be no more
For we've faced the thousand and stormed the gates
Embraced the stakes to reclaim our estate
Negate the hate and create a clean slate
Eviserate our families desecrated state
Innervate and invigorate what was once great
For peace, for love, for my family's sake
We'll set straight a strait and recreate our once bright fate
Written by WordScape
(Casey Brock)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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