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Sunshine returned

She was back alas!
The lonesome was over
He could finally hold her
touch her
feel her and see every emotion
He's heart was pounding and mind was racing
All those days waiting .....

it was pure torture !
Being away from his best friend and undercover lover
But now it was over thank the gods
 in 30 minutes he would go to get her and his mind wandered off
What he would do to her when he got there
What he would  say to her when he seen her
 getting lost in her kiss finally at peace again

To the life of me I have no idea what was running thru my head before
Soon as I seen her my emotions roared
 We both embraced in a powerful hold
And for the first time in days I felt home

At every stop light back we kissed and told
Sharing moments between soft kisses
We were headed off for a quick detour
Knowing we couldn't make it back home without a quickie
Me hard as a rock and her wet and dripping
Every chance I got reaching over and rubbing her kitten
And it was purring radiating with heat
 the beach now was are misson
And We arrived shortly both hot and ready
Most people were gone but some were still leaving
We walk a bit into the sand towards the water laying down a blanket
Where we make are temporary love nest
We lay down and were straight into the kissing
Shes biting my lip moaning and whimpering
My hands running  over her skin
Tracing her curves
Gripping her waist pulling her long midnight black hair
arching her back to me the moonlight glowing upon my beauty
She turns her ass to me and i grip it with my hand firmly
Pulling her pants halfmass down I slide my hard cock between her lips
Wetting the tip to then rub on her clit driving her crazy
Her hips gyrating griding into me
that pussy is so wet it's mind blowing
I hold her leg up and slide the tip of my cock in
She whimpers god I've missed you
And I'm thinking the same
Waiting for days to feel this again
I start pumping steady kissing her back gently
Then kisses turn to soft bites and I'm thrusting heavily
Long and deep from the tip of my hard swollen cock
Then slamming down to the base hard and deep
Her moans and screams echo out over the Sandy Beach
People further down can surely hear but cannot see
And it excites me
Let them hear me beatin them cheeks
Me up in your guts tamein the beast
My cocks so deep when you start cumming for me
Pussy warming and then convusling clamping down on me
Then releasing opening up for me to plant my seed
You said early you were ovulating and "don't cum in me "
Well right about now I don't here anything
But the moaning and begging for me to bust deep
Which I do
Thrusting savagely penetrating deep
Hand on your back pinning you to the beach
I explode  
Releaseing a 4 day payload deep in your belly
My cock throbs and pulses
 erupting with warm cum
pumping and twitching violently
a massive release
filling you to the brim with my Viking seed
Spilling from your pussy when i exit
I see it shimmer in the moons glow
Your cunt chromed
Ass cheeks shimmering
Your nectar and my cum spread all over
 and I can't wait till we actually get home
Sit down and Smoke a bowl
then strip naked
Dish out some spankings
 and fuck some more

Written by Cosmonaut-x
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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