You know not why you're now here,
just that you are bound by fear-
(and a couple incised wires)
watching me, enticed with pliers.
Naked, cold, taught, and crying,
you can't move, although you're trying.
All stretched out, upon your stomach,
odors retch, your nostrils plummet.
Your head aches and thoughts are clouding,
slowly, memories are shrouding.
You ask out of blatant fear,
"Please, why have you brought me here?!"
"Now, now, settle down my dear,
the time to disclose that is near.
For now, just try to hold quite still,
enjoy your home, in my landfill.
This is where I store my trash-
oops, I guess I'm being rash,
I've already said too much,
try to focus on my touch."
Icy hands trace your bare back,
arcing circles, until SMACK!
Instantly you begin screaming,
trying to believe you're dreaming.
His handprint is a stark white
on blued flesh of your behind.
Helplessly, you wriggle there,
too afraid to meet his stare.
His left hand covers your mouth,
drowning out your smothered shouts.
"Hush my darling, don't you wail,
or yours will be a grim tale.
Since I know you won't stay still,
this should help you lay tranquil."
Another, piercing, white-hot pain,
penetrates your cheek again.
"Don't worry, I use this often,
a simple tetrodotoxin.
Do you feel it inside you,
tingling your lips, so blue?
Save your breath until we're through,
believe me, I know you do.
It's particularly potent,
cost an arm and leg to own it,
but it works it's charm, I see,
as you're not resisting me."
Slowly, it gets hard to breath,
your head pounds astoundingly,
cold sweat trickles as you seize,
minutes pass, nausea proceeds.
You feel loosening restraints,
but your feelings aren't the same-
hallucinations now mingle,
reality barely tingles.
Vomit trudges languidly,
making it harder to breath.
Hands caress you underneath,
then flip you over with ease.
Now, only your eyes can plea
for a hope of empathy.
Lastly, as you take death in,
you are faced with your demon.
Written by MrBuchanan
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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