An eye blinks      
more times than needed    
15-20 times per minute lasting .4 seconds, 1200 times per hour, 28,800 times a day    
10% of waking hours adding up to five years of our lives roaming with our eyes closed **    
missing all things unseen, greater and small.    
Look at me      
tell me what you see    
am I everything      
you have ever dreamed, wanted and desired    
do i give your musings wings to fly    
blindly all hopes cast to winds:      
figment of imagination    
a shadow sliding beneath    
gunmetal sky      
ladened on lashes    
I see your lips move    
talking about traffic and heat    
smiling with boyish smile    
eyes piercing my bronzed skin    
the steam outside mirrors our breath    
claiming all shared possessively    
a sweat streams from somewhere    
the intellectual eroticism springs    
wanting, needing of sinful dreams    
but the words fail in flight    
Was it a stroke of luck    
or an odyssey of quests    
to find love    
a phenomenon called soulmates    
did we speak the same language    
or was it lost in translation    
cooing in four other accents    
muddling the script    
the subconscious holding aces    
for the ones holding golden compass    
unfazed by the maze    
walking with rhythm and rhyme    
seesawing on a tightrope    
while others lull and mull     
counting every worry bead    
strings tied to ankle    
stunned by the bounce of     
time flowing like waterfall    
through clumsy fingers    
We press against those walls    
built by our own hands    
keeping ourselves out    
blaming fate, faithless    
wanderers believing    
Luck is Karma’s adversary    
whipping up a cold (microwaveable) dish      
but she aint no Betty Crocker    
or Sue the homemaker (on stilettos)    
cutting from one end    
seaming another    
calling it...a day    
bowed to the conscious    
At the end of aisle 4    
we meet again    
extending his hand    
he whisper leaning closer    
‘ the way, my name is Dennis.”    
Mistaking hello for a goodbye    
failing to see the sadness in his eyes      
I reply    
‘My name is Vee’    
I live a thousand lives    
August heatwave    
a blink    
an eye.    
**Source Huffington Post 12/30/2012    
Written by Vee (Rina)
Published | Edited 16th Dec 2022
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