If I was to live forever

(Collab by Indie & Soulwrites)


Would you believe in heaven, if it meant that you could live forever?
Would it make you happy if there were ties you would never sever?
Iíve seen the realm of darkness and let it lead me astray
Would you want to live forever, if every day was a perfect day?

As I sit in agony, contemplating this decision I have to make,
realizing that if every day was perfect, I wouldn't want to stay.
We need some darkness, or we won't have any balance,
with too much light, I'd lose my dark poetry talents.

Iím tired of living for perfection, another societal slave
I can handle the rejection, if to beauty it paves the way
Perfection isnít beautiful, it doesnít mirror the core
Iíll take the darkness for its beauty because thereís beauty in the flaws

Like drawing straws, each flaw randomly drawing new scars,
sometimes on my body, sometimes in my heart.
The imperfect perfection is what makes me who I am,
I step into perfection's light, but then seek darkness again.

Iíll let it drag me under, let it be my inspiration
Every time I make it out, itís cause for celebration
The darkness lends me courage to fight towards the dream
Even when Iím lacking and against perfection I scream

So I balance on the fence, like a trapeze artist,
sometimes seeking light, sometimes stuck in darkness,
the perfection in life, is closely tied to my fears,
sometimes I reflect the light of perfection away with a mirror.

When Iím looking at heaven, I only see hell
I want a life where my soul I donít have to sell
So perfection be damned, I choose to stay human and flawed
If I was to live forever, Iíd only be bored.

© Indie Adams & Steve Bertrand 2011
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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