The Fantastic Lore: Hey, is Sketch your Crew?

They say when it rains, it    
pours.  Locked away in secret,      
A secret that a man stores.    
Two years has passed and    
he still  can't  seem to wash his disgust clean. Quite A few jeers, tears  and embarrassment hides      
behind  the mask worn by  Eugene.    
6:15am and in the city,  
it creeps. Not outside, it's within  
a  dwelling, where the Man  
sleeps. A rancid  odor permeates an already foul  air, as indiscriminate silhouettes roam about the  Man's lair.    
There,  in a crumpled heap    
sleeps Eugene, half covered      
with a tattered rug, toothless    
grin on face, giving himself    
a hug.    
Using his dry, cracked aglet,      
Reggie, slow drags it along,    
under the raggedly hairy  
nostrils of Eugene. He's  
attempting to  find out if he's asleep or if there's any signs of  
life from what he can  gleam.  
On the other  side, LeRoi  n' Sal make like hair stylists, parting  
the three hairs on The Man's  
head, slicking it down  and  
then giving it a little kiss.    
Suddenly, and finally startled    
awake, he jumps free, and    
starts getting the shakes.    
"Wha...!!?? Who's there?"    
He cries out a nervous plea.    
Once, they know he's a bit frightened, the three visitors,
fall silent, aware  that somehow
in the dark, their victim can't see. Then, in rushes a fairly huge
figure, who turns on  the light,
to spy three sneakers and Eugene, looking an awful sight. "Hey guys, didn't I tell you to let The Man sleep!?"    
Reggie quickly replies,    
"Well yeah, sorta but hey    
dude, you know how 'sketch'    
we are, so promises we're not    
known to keep!" Right then    
the other two 'Sketchies'      
fall over, rolling around    
laughing their soles off.    
Eugene apparently now having    
found his courage, eyeballs    
Blackout, and warns, "Didn't    
I tell you to keep those low    
priced hacks in the shed    
out back!?" Blackout,      
brushes against the door,    
and simply replies, "I'm sorry    
boss, honest it won't happen    
anymore." As the three sneakers    
huddle closely by Blackout, nod    
in agreement, but slyly nudge    
at one another, spotlighting    
their true selves...proof  
positive,  The Man and his accomplice  have paired with  
a crew, that's  clearly,  pretty sketchy.      
Note: Yea, it's meant to very silly!      
so if you're thinkin, this is weird?    
You don't know Lore! Lol    
Written by Poetikmind (_---_)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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