When you have insomnia
Youíre never really asleepÖ
And youíre never really awake.  
The things that define reality and dreams
Blur together and cease to exist
†† † †
My mind wanders
And bumps into things in the dark
I stumble over tomorrows ghosts
As they shimmer in the shadows
Losing themselves before they begin
I laugh at the thought of lactating owls
I donít know why itís funny  
I choke on my smoke
Coughing until the hysteria subsides
And the fall begins
Iím talking to the walls again  
Whispering them my secrets
When the TV talks at me  
The walls donít talk back  
Letting me vent my silence
The air stares at me  
And I stare at back at it †
We arenít seeing each other  
Itís all looking through  
To the void on the other side
Everything ceases to having meaning  
The madness gives way to an abyss
I am staring down the barrel of an empty gun  
Weíre playing chicken
It wonít shoot me and I wonít get shot
The silence screams so loudly  
My head wants to implode
Iím begging for sleep to come  
When you have insomnia  
You are never really anything at all  
Day becomes night  
And night becomes day  
The glass wall is inside your head  
Take an axe to itÖ
Itís nothing but smoke it your hands
The ghosts creep and whisper
Dancing for my eyes only  
When you have insomniaÖ
The things that define reality and dreams
Blur together and cease to exist
In the darkness reflected  
From the screen glaring back at me  
I am a pin prick in the universe
A mark to be washed away  
As though I never existed at all  
© Indie Adams 2011
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
Published | Edited 1st Jun 2012
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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