Wind Of The North

Wind of the North! That shuddering blast has hung
on your crusty brow cursing as you scream;
bemoaning the fall of winter with your lungs,
blow your dogged breaths while they still sting,
your bite is less forbidding in the spring.
From in the April clouds the raindrops peek
no longer fearing your wild meanderings,
a gentler breeze has roused them to their feet
that bathes the open flowers and dries them while they sleep.

Wind of the North!
With stirring notes you blow your ancient horn
which now lies mute on the burgeoning ground
and inflamed by the glories you have won;
let not your noble song be haute or proud,
rest a voice unable to rage aloud
regain strength till the cusp of autumn sky!
And though your will and pride be humbly bowed
these burdens you still carry from on high
as you view the earth from the tempest of your eye.

Wind of the North!
Sleep no more! Who can ever stay your hand?
Whereto the mighty lakes and oceans stray
till the fall of time are yours to command,
rocking the cradled mountains as they sway
and hold in thrall until they rise again!
In the deep of dreams murmuring you lay
uncomposed like the harp strings noble strain
with boons to please the seedlings of the May
as fast to beauty grow, as fast to fade away.

Wind of the North!
Autumnal colors spill from turning leaves
that coat the earth then wither where they lie,
seduction strips the branches of the trees,
a few still cling but all must surely die
exasperated forms inundating sky.
Winters rise! Break your chambered bonds and hear
cold and darkening sounds her ceaseless neighs
by her side ten snow leopards claw the air
storming through the Northern Plains rides the Winter Mare.

Wind of the North!
Ride fast your deathless horse! When as before
you gazed upon the earth in its infancy
and spread your arms above her molten core
your winds blew in the wilds of destiny
and watched the great shores dash into the sea.
All who can dream must shudder at that force
pried from the fingers of eternity
strewn madly in ever widening course;
Wind of the North! Ride fast your deathless horse!
Written by CaptainCur
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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