Walking in the Eye of the Storm (reboot) inst. by Contrary Beats


Living in a city of empty people
peaking through my peephole
surrounded by weak souls
I'm forgetting what is real

Forgetting how to fucking feel
Beliefs heavy as concrete
humanity's Achilles' heel, still

I get no sleep
see theses webs of deceit
see me question everything
From our origin to corporate extortion

distortions of historical proportions
If no life is worthless
do the math and divide the portions
Factoring in that a few hoard fortunes

So in the end what is really important?
Sporting Jordans at the performance?
Or forming meaningful communities
with other human beings;

The type that have me believing
that there is strength in unity
And that living life beautifully
is worth more than greed achieves

So I am not speaking of Utopian fantasy
but I am so dope the status quo can't handle me
so "put your hands in team"
and recognize life is more than just existing

we are on the verge of mass extinction
but, oh so captivated by television
social media and religion
all program us to stay in position

we have our own vision
but it has become tradition for us to follow
so repeat this motto:

"Live life as if there is no tomorrow"

'Cause we borrow time every day
So it is safe to say one day it will all be taken away

With no replays, I hope the words I say crash like waves
'Cause once awake you are never the same
I may hate a lot about the current state
But I cannot even place the blame

I would rather self-deprecate
If it would do a god damn thing
Like address climate change
Or increase the minimum wage, I am just saying

Let's debate a path to take to avoid dark fates
Let's make the world a better place
and forget about the word race

'Cause it still frames a way to segregate
Police profile people that they incriminate
generating prison profit off of slaves

Our priorities are obviously nonsense
At what point can we no longer stop this?
What the fuck is this that you call progress?

I feel stress in my bones
and I know I am not alone
my environment isolates me from those that I know
my confinement makes me feel like I am on my own

So I scroll through my phone
looking for something
anything to give my life meaning
Somebody, please cut the seams at the borders of my being
Releasing my inner-beast as I breathe in peace just this evening


♫ instrumental by Contrary Beats ♫

Image Lost City by Jakub Skop
Written by gazellemon (Brad)
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