On The Eve of Death

In the darkness they come for me
I can hear them creeping
And I know tonight
There will be no sleeping
A scratch upon a window
A tap upon a door
Glass panes silently rattling
As a siren sounds its call
My eardrums, they shatter
Of things that violently combust
Tears stream down my face in fear
My skin flecked with rust
Footsteps on the floorboards
In the night I cower
I can hear the screams of others near
Revoking silences power
I bite my lip and it bleeds
Metallic on my tongue
Oh God please don’t let me die tonight
For surely I am too young
I hear them creeping closer
To where I shiver and hide
Wishing I was with those I loved
Of my concealment I had not lied
Beneath me the footsteps stop
And I pray they can’t smell my fear
In this moment I must not break
And reveal that I am near
A voice, it calls out
From a foreign land
Please don’t let me die here
At this whim of this unknown man
Gradually the footsteps return
And I hear him walk away
Have we not suffered enough
For another tormented day?
I pray that this is over
With no more revelations to come
Yet I cannot help my screams
When I find that I am wrong
First it comes with searing heat
Followed by black acrid smoke
Through the ceiling it seeps
Upon it I cough and choke
I crawl and kick and try to get out
T’would have been better to be shot
I traitorously dare myself to think
As I try to scramble away from all that it hot
Blisters form upon my flesh
As I find there is no escape
And I know that I will die tonight without love
At the hands of those I have come to hate
Lord, have mercy upon my soul
I did what I thought best
But I find that I still blame Him
For this senseless Holy mess
In the darkness they have come a’creeping
My life breathlessly ceasing
In cleansing fire and blinding pain
I ask myself before I am claimed
Where is He when I need Him?

© Indie Adams 2011
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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