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Diavolo's LSD Splendidly

Headstrong demonic entities
of morbidly sinful design
scratching the interior
of my third eye
peeling my iris from within
to arch light perceptions
of cataclysmic

crushed skull fragments
shards cranial tributaries
of bittersweet memories
jagged crucifixions
implanted inverted
with veins protruding.

blowing in the breeze
a caustic harmony
dances in the eddy of
Belials giggle,

cackling minions of
pyre domain
syphoning my essence
as it seeps from
gouged eye sockets
and bloodied ear canals.

blitzkrieg the masses
with savage brutality
carnal instinct
to paraplegic blastula's
building castles of happy
from littered carcasses
truculent symmetrical tragedy,

indigo synapses
breeding cryptic chaos
vicious nocturnal
abominations latching
onto the coat tails
of my weary sanity.

necrotic wave
of slithering dementia
penetrating my
acid gelatinous lobotomy
blossoming in the bowels
of a deceased angel.

unilateral implosion
discharging noxious
thunderbolts of
recycled vasectomies
bathe in seminal abortions,

ectoplasmic cronies
hyperextended tyranny
charting a course
of wraith depletion,

orb of diabolic simplicity,


eternally fueled
by enlightenment,

napalming bombastic
smart bombs
of wistful dexterity
to cyclone magma razors
of deceit into the
oyster chambers
of another's quintessence.

peering into the void of
bioluminescent silence,

eclectic djinni's
reflective impression
fixated this premise
of intricate design;

my mind dangling
from burnt willows
kissed seductively by
a fiery winter nor'easter
golden necrosis inching
up my spine,

havocs chicanery frolicking
in remnants of yesterdays

electric impulse
a collapsed cortex
of regret,

miscreants shimmer
in holographic gowns,

transparency decided
from initial breath,

words of repent spent
from the gulf of weariness.

arching plasma plumes
of glorious enchantment
cascading the frames
of midget minions.

holistic principles
indoctrinated in
concurrent intervals
lament from nihilistic
lyrical content,

driven by a ferocious
light of discontent
as heavens bleed
spiritual epiphanies.

convulsing into
the infancy of night,

seeping entrails of
flickering chokes
bull rush ruckus of fun
dreariness my unfinished song.

laying with psychic vampires
feeding off of opalescent joys,

misfit king of contorting wisdom
lavished lustfully sodomized
floating in a rainbow prism.

burdened by happiness
chasing death,

come get some,


here I sit curled into
descent praying adamantly
for a blissful perpetual slumber.

azure laced misery
replenished from ventricle
split in three,

regurgitated feces
spewed from lacerated intestines,

the sweetness of deathly caresses
administered by Gehenna's minister.

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Written by QuietusQuill
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