I Offer My Pearls to You

I can feel your breath.
Erratic and shortened, heightened with anticipation.
I can feel the rise and fall of your body, desperate to be pierced by hardened flesh.
I can taste your desire in the air.
The scent of sexual arousal, stimulating this hunter, salivating over my prey.
Your skins every nerve ending, standing at attention, begging for their opportunity to be caressed.
Your body poised for my impalement.
Your arms outstretched before you, your hands bound together, strapped to the end of the bed post.
With your cheek, faces down upon the edge of the bed, ensuring the line of sight over your shoulder, as your beast approaches, rigid and poised to enter you.
Your legs spread wide, blissfully trembling and preparing for the sexual storm that is soon to overtake you.
My hands placed firmly upon your hips.
Just as my grip tightens around your waist, the head of pleasure gently opens the entrance to your dripping wet treasure.
Sounds emanating from deep within your body fill the room.
Your moans, high pitched, sporadic desperate for more of my long thick flesh to go deeper.
Patience is never your strong point in these moments but patient is the hunter that prepares for the kill.
Purple mushroom against pink petals, dancing together as your rain begins to fall.
My entire girth is glazed in your slickness as slowly and effortlessly, the snake enters your lair.
Your moans have deepened now as inch by pleasure filled, slow inch, this hunter pushes deep into your trembling walls.
Finally, you are driven through by my stake through your heart.
I am completely buried deep in your hole.
My balls laying upon your twitching little button while the head of my cock knocks against the door of your cervix.
Your body is in convulsion with your wrists twisting and bending, attempting to be released from the bondage you so willingly accept in your surrender.
I remain inside you completely, motionless and locked, cunt to cock.
Your inner walls seeping so much that your cream drips down my legs of my balls.
My fingers grip even more firmly to your hips, signaling your mind that the gentleman is leaving as the beast in this hunter emerges.
My strokes are methodical, tantric rotations of chiseled stiff fuck flesh, completely through your aroused and erotic nature.
Your pussy is no longer yours.
It is controlled by orgasmic convulsions that only I can provide.
The gentle nudging that earlier, was tapping against your cervix door l, has been replaced with the battering ram of this Vikings core as Thor's hammer, shatters your senses into oblivion.
Your inner village left pillaged, your body completely devoured, limp and ravaged, has been slain in the spirit of my sexual raiding.
My fingers imprinted on your hips as my seed impregnates your walls, coating them completely with the pure essence of my soul.
I offer my pearls to you as my sacrifice to the Gods so that your surrender can be complete.
Written by Ragnar
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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