You see my face but canít decipher,

A blank slate
You invade my space while I dismiss you without ceremony,
Tail between your legs, wondering Why a nuisance like you
Is unworthy of my company
Wanting to know whatís up,
Because you donít see whatís going down,
On the sides, above your head
Behind your back, in your face
But who cares?
 Life, is just a Monet, right?
Painted hologram of happiness
You take it, no question
Satisfied being in denial
Rather glide in gold grime,
Then dive in a lucid lake
Ok, thatís your coin toss
Thatís your choice to make,
But donít expect me to join hands & Skinny dip in your
Leprechaun philosophy
Really, just speaking freely,
Putting it out there for the record to show, since it seems like you didnít receive this memo...

I canít tolerate phoniness or sincere pettiness,
Patience starting to quake,
Like a rash ready to break
So make no mistake-
Iím itching with vexation,
And no, this isnít some dramatic exaggeration
Iím just allergic to Bullshit,
Fossilized, metaphoric,
Real life or fictional
Public or domestic,
Lyrical or political, soÖ..
Is it beginning to calculate,
How the odds differentiate?
Itís pretty obvious, you donít have to be a genius,
The pointís been made: Why even try to having a conversation in the first place?
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