The Greedy Earth

*Ping* is that the oven shouting ‘finish’ in my ear?
Or is that the microwave coming to a delicious end?
No this bone-shaking sound comes from underneath!
Chills reaches me as the smell of chillies reaches me!
Is the Earth beneath preparing?

But preparing for what I hear you cry?
If you ask me it’s a meal they prepare
The neighbour warned me of this peril
“Keep your children close, they’re plotting!
Down there it’s hellish horrible hungry!
First comes the hearse to feed the thirst!”

I laughed at him and his greedy Earth story
What rubbish! A people eating Earth ha!
But now I’m worried come to think of it
Last week during the earth quake we lost
The belly of a beast bellowed brutally

The sky and the heavens shook and ran
Yes they ran! Into an eerie silence!
Mercy and Salvation deserted us all
They left Jack to the giant they did!
Oh Mercy! Did the wolf eat grandma?
Why are the people disappearing!

No. No the wolf didn’t take her it was the Earth
It was hungry and thirsty and its belly rumbled
Those cracks in Park Lane weren’t cracks at all
The Earth opened its mouth and swallowed it!
Half the road taken and not a sight of a life!
The people eaten and taken by a hungry orifice

This news begins to startle and scare me
The reality of our real identity dawns on me
Oh clever Earth, fooling us to think we rule
Providing us with food to grow fat and plump
So you can eat away your delicious treats!

Quick! I must check up on father
Make sure he’s okay and fine
That this sly rock hasn’t claimed him
Not my father!
Run run run to his resting place
Dig dig dig up his resting place
Open the door no time to knock
Find what was once my father
And see that flesh has been torn
From the ancient bones
Written by a-nase (TheStalker)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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