In the midst of the Frog...

In the midst of the fog I see a shadow a grand shadow as he looks like Kong... he stands there as protector provider and the guider.... he is as powerful and sturdy Ironclad as Superman having the universe at his beck and call and yet small magically strong invincibly intelligent Ant-Man who can use the Earth as his will... he has the power no one has seen or felt for a thousand years....   protecting the weak and the strong that will opening his arms to all that cross his path....making sure no harm comes to one of his Birds.. he offers providance a way and a will, to achieve what you need... He is an angle indeed... Each and every day he guides his little birds to every thing they need.. I see a man of great stature and intelligence who is known throughout the land.. The king beyond kings who brings his hammer down... A man so bright in the light you can barley see his eyes... color so blue as to matches the skies.... very few matches height he neither looks up or looks down when his peers are insight.... for a Lyft up is what he offers if not at his height.... let a child cross his path and you see a man melt... With a smile so wide, down to his knees he falls just to get too eyes site, to see the precious soul that they hide inside... but as soon as he touches them a grand gift is within.... For up~wards is what he wishes for them... continuing on his path that he chose he touches and enlightened all of those that walk along the path brightened from his soul...  A true leader indeed as he travels the world fighting evil that be, offering comfort to those the devil has touched... A leader among men a love of the women, protector of the children... The grandest shadow I've ever come upon... among the mist of the Fog...
Written by Char (..........)
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