Just a touch..

Walking in the door and seeing him there waiting for my return heart starts pumping my blood is rushing... He can see the flush on my skin... my eyes sparkle Brite with lust for the first touch of the night.. as I approach i swear the room gets hotter and I see the smile on his face... the devilish look in his eye and I wonder what is on his mind...  a little tilt of his head tells me to come hereth...  he asked me a question then reach for my warmth to see if I had obeyed to get my reward... an open sigh is heard from my voice relaxing in my shoulder as I wait for his response... a tingling in my cave wishing he would dive deeper... but just a tickle and a look is all I received this moment... the look in  his eyes  turns into the Beast he grabs the back of my hair and tossed me without waste... Onto the couch I flew with a rip in my shirt... gripping his arm and digging my claws I leave my mark on the Beast... A growl from his voice a bite of my throat I thrust my hips into him... the blood of the beast now runs through my veins, as we dance to the howls of his song... embraced and twisting we be a Dirty Dancing as the passion GrindZ through our hips.. he steps back my breasts exposed I grabbed his undies ripping them to the floor he springs forth with with a grin on his face... hands me the warming oil that tastes like sweet cinnamon... I rub his mighty Pole and his jewels of gold enjoying the Glisan of his juices that drip with  precum that helps him slip...  taking his head deep into my mouth as if to french kiss when the Beast is awoke grabbing my head slamming deep into my throat giving me an Adam's apple that slides up and down gag I do with spit on my face..  take him I will deep into Myspace... a loud moan and deep thrust a throb of his cock is all I can feel, just before the warm rush and his seed spuged all on my lips... pullout he does but the look as in done before I could swallow I've been thrown to the floor with my Volvos expose.... Slapping my clit  he does with the head of his prick brings a glisten to my lips with just a bit of a drip... sliding and gliding he tickles  my clit before the invasion of my cunt that wanted to be filled his prick ...ohh... throwing my head back with the show satisfaction he grabs a handful of hair and rides like a wild stallion... my hips begin to buck in the same but opposite direction colliding and bringing explosion upon contraction... the breath of the sounds of moans steam up the room making the skin hot and Glisan of sweet sweat.. Just a touch that touch that he does and I am orgasming exploding I'm feeling the shake throughout my body from the tip of my head to the tip of my toes.. I"m now collapsing  onto the cold floor ..he sitting back on the couch and waits for a mount...
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