My Dark Queen Devlin

no one can step to you            
there isn't another like you            
not in the celestial            
or the underworld            
when you speak            
i am brought to my knees            
beautiful Devlin Queen over darkness            
your demons bite & tear flesh            
as your pen coils & strikes            
while you ride the ether waves            
sending out coded commands            
they are heard & felt            
by those of us with ears to hear            
& unholy hell when you let loose rage            
you shake foundations            
i stand & stare in wonder            
as the biggest man & bitch            
cave to your wrath            
left naked to be beaten            
about by your blackened quill         
this is the power of your ink            
i have to admit            
to taking cover            
when i felt your fire            
burning all in its way            
as you know i have my own legion            
there is a strict hierarchy            
they scattered when you scorched            
the Earth beneath them            
so it is written so shall it be            
you are the fucking bad ass            
Queen over the dark            
& i bow to your greatness            
you have my love & loyalty            
my sister dark star            
who is not of this world            
shall we play in the void            
send out curses on the wind            
on this night my demons            
march with your's            
to right all wrongs            
hear them sing their song            
continue to write it out            
your scribes are black magic            
nothing more powerful            
than the written word            
& you have chewed it up            
spit it out & bent the dark            
to your very will            
Copyright © 2017 Crimsin. All Rights Reserved            
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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