no one digs your poetry but yourself, Dev … oh yeah …

SERIOUSLY … I don't know why
you even make it a point to stop on by
and pay my poetry your pathetic visits,
or why you would waste eye cells
and brain cells to decipher what you're trying to read,
might as well slit your fucking wrists and bleed;
my quill is a new breed of ink;
carved in the profanest of words
encapsulated by the rams of rage
capitulated by the inimitable of obscurities …
there's nothing pretty about my forked tongue beauty;
I am a different kind of poet on a whole other level
too intense for you, it's true,
extreme, brazen & blue, it'll put a serious dent in you
after you realize you don't belong here
in my hood, in my domain, in my egotistic lair
much less, my computer and my fucking chair;
and no matter what kind of bad ass name
you try to stake your claim and fame on …
truth be told pricks 'n bitches
I'm the bad ass one,
  from living breath
  to the death of my flesh .
I'm the bitch
  with the deadly poetic fist
I'm the Diva
  throwin' it down
  on the ground
  the Devil knows better
  than to fucking come around!
Shit … I'm pitching so much fucking heat,
to me you'll always just be another poetic meek
to chew up and spit out and step on and stomp out
so do me a favor and don't fucking pout
by sugarcoating my flavors
with your criticisms & bullshit'isms
just bury your fucking head and savor
all those jealousy's & sorrows
and tomorrow do us the favor
and seek your ego some psychological help
because it's you, baby
whose poetry no one digs               but your-fucking-self!

  *Dev out, and you're done … Fuck!
           and here you thought you were
     ''the one''!  

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