Hey there! Did you see her?
The girl who looks at the ground when she walks, never looks you in the eye-skiddish as hell-wants to blend in, to disappear
Moving rapidly to get to her destination
Knowing her schedule is tight-she feels the invisible collar squeezing her neck, feeling his grip on her brain
Always mindful of the time-knowing she must obey the rules
Knowing well what the consequence will be if she fails to meet his expectations
Hey do you notice how she demmands the receipts?
Time stamped to take home to the asshole-the creep
Hey did you notice how her hands shake when in the presence of a man?
When you said "good morning"-no response-no emotion-face deadpan
She's not an uppity, snotty lil bitch
She means no harm, no blood, no foul
She carries on her back a load heavier than Jesus' cross
Hey did you get a good look at her?
I mean couldn't you see the fat lip under gloss
Faint green around her eye?
Scratches covered by that chocker she wears with the big silver cross?
Anyway, what the fuck ever right? She deserves it-oops her fault right?
She feels the same way -someresponse me I know
I hear her thoughts from where I stand in the shadows watching
"God you and I are straight..Please I can't take anymore-I quit-I give up...Jesus give me strength..Please take me from this misery..Let this be over-the-counter this be the end...I throw in the towel, tap out-he wins"
You know God was too busy-doing whatever it is that God's do
So her wish, her prayer goes unheard-unanswered
Because the line rang busy and she couldn't get through
OMG!! Here he comes down the side walk!!
She rushes right over"What did I do?"
She snatched up by her throat and lifted six inches high
All of this is going on right in front of you!
And you didn't lift a finger to hell-wants when you saw the life fade out her eyes
Why? She may be at peace
But she will haunt you until you are old and gray
And you draw your last breath-and you die
The your essence comes to me-the dark angel, the prince of palities, the fallen one
Forever burned by the fire, tormented by my demons-my minions won't leave you alone
I bet now you wished you'd have ducked around the corner
And called for help from"them boys"from your phone
Written by Afroqn73
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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