Everything Burns Chapter One

Hell is not like it is depicted in the myths. It is hidden in plain sight. We are the oil leaders who make a lot of dollars for setting fire on dead things but in the basements of our factories are gateways to the huge mansion my employer, I mean father, lives in with his wife, Persephone, and two of their three children, Macaria, Melinoe and Zagreus. †Melinoe had jet black eyes, short black hair, and lips of pink blossoms, took after her... Our... †Father and was stunning at the age of 28. Macaria, unlike her sister, had long strawberry blonde hair, silver eyes, and lips of Rubies and looked exactly like her mother but was equally as beautiful as her sister at 25. The youngest was their... Again our... brother, who is 20 years old now, Zagreus. He is 6'4" with stunning green eyes, jet copper hair, he wore shorts and a permanent tan from his motherís lineage.

 † † † †New information had proved they were my siblings, but only by blood because they could never look at me and see anything but a bastard child ...or at least the sisters would not. Zagreus is a different story, he has been my best friend since I moved closer to his mansion. He had just gotten the title of a God and he was 17. The youngest God ever, but I was 13 and he didn't care about his title and I was the closest thing he had to a sister who loved him anyway... Or so he told me.

 † † † †For three years I lived in the same woods in which †I had killed my first victim and his body is still in my woods with my wolf, Shadow, who was completely white with violet eyes. My forest was also about a mile from Z's Mansion and about an hour away from the palace. Which is convenient for the moment because I could not imagine going to the Mountain without him or Shadow. I drove home first to pack and get my child. I threw everything in the bed of my Matte black Chevy. Driving down the road, I blared This Ainít a Scene itís An Arms Race by Fall Out Boy. †When I pulled through the drive way, Z was waiting with a bag. †I didn't even stop completely when he got in. " Letís go!" he hit the dash board as he sang along. His copper red hair shimmering in the sun light as he danced he made me smile. †His green eyes made me smile. After The song, I explained that we were siblings and how his mom was making us go see Zeus. Raising an eyebrow, he looked me up and down. " Well then we have to stop! " About to argue that his~our ~ father was waiting only 30 minutes away, he cut me off." I'll be damned if my sister goes to meet the king of gods dressed in blood." Z took me to a salon where they put my dark brown that faded to a dark burgundy color hair in a curly princess-y up do with the braids so tight you could see the pale skin on each side. When they finished that and started make up Z left to get a suit. My eyes were a vibrant green and glowing when he picked me up to get a dress and heels. We decided on a strapless lace corset gown that went down to the floor. It also had slits that started at my mid- thigh. †It was white that faded to black at the bottom and I paired it with one black gladiator heel and a white one on my left side. †By the end I felt like a queen, until Z yelled "I'm Driving !!!" I reluctantly agreed.

 † † † † When we finally got to the building, Z stopped me from getting out. He pulled out a black necklace with falling jewels." Everything will be ok. Let me put this on you, and then you will wait there, and I will come around and open the door and we will do this together OK? Everything will be ok." He was reassuring me but I could tell it was more for him than me. " Z it'll be ok and if itís not that's ok too. Just don't do anything stupid, please." Silence accompanied my comment. Then my collar loosened and I heard the door slam. My door was opened. An angry man with crystal blue eyes grabbed me and pulled me out of the car. His nose met my fist †quickly, so much so that I lost my balance and fell, but Z caught me before I hit the pavement. " Luka, you know better than to touch one of Hades children especially if you go to the hunter of the group." Z was laughing as the man wiped the blood from his nose. I bit my lip as he got confrontational with Z. " You will never touch her again, Zagreus. I don't care who your daddy is." Luka spit at my brother. †Z's face melted into anger, but he submitted to the words of the stranger. Grabbing my sword, I caught him at his jugular. He just smiled. " I like this prophecy more and more. " He caught me off guard as he pulled my waist closer to his. Staring deep into my eyes, I knew he was going to play games. " Prophecy?" I questioned, pushing him off me. " You haven't heard? You are mine forever and alw-" " technically, it says a son of one of the big three and another goddess..." "In which, I am the only one left." " except me and.... Jason, Luka." "Which is why you aren't allowed to go near her asshat." The boys started bickering like children. I rolled my eyes. But my heart stopped at the mention of my first love. What did he mean and Jason? Luka came up again to try and grab my waist, but I shook him off. "You, my dear, are coming with me. Oh, and let me introduce myself. I am Luka Silverthorne, Son of Zeus and Hera." My mouth dropped. His arrogant smile said it all. Great, I had been here two minutes and already disappointed the kings son, Just great. I sheathed my sword. "Z, will you escort me to the door?" Ignoring my new destined husband's consistent babbling, Zagreus lead me toward the door of the telecommunications network skyscraper, aka The Mountain of Gods. My stomach tied in knots. I finally stepped through the door and into the elevator. My final thought being.... Please don't let this be the end of me.

Written by GothicQueen666 (Viviaan)
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