Moments Like Bullets III

Thus the reunion,  
meant to be a victory cry      
to a world that tried to deny,      
us a place in which to exist      
together, in the same time    
and place    
We touched,    
you held me so tightly,    
as if we    
were in a storm, and    
if you let go,      
you’d be lost...    
My heart filled,    
the dry cracks,      
filled with light,    
the old romantic ghosts,    
came to life, as if summoned      
by Christ    
You took my hand as we sat,    
held it so tight, I could feel our pulses    
beat in triumph!    
Then the memories flooded in,    
the shared tragedy of the loss of Mary,    
the pain of your sickness and injury,    
you answered my question completely      
as to where you had hidden, and why      
you were silent...    
The wine’s spirit died,      
and tears came and shook our bodies,    
the other people looked in amazement,    
how could they be so sad on such a beautiful day?    
But you held on tighter and tighter....    
Your eyes told me,    
how you had suffered,      
and come back to my life,    
you said you never wanted to lose    
me again, you said this....    
Then I met your family,    
Father said he had heard so much about me,    
Mother took my hand in both of hers,    
Sister smiled and hugged me tightly,    
I felt welcome...    
Then we rode,    
the dream came true,    
the Atlantic whirled,    
in tribute to us, you held me so tightly,    
my heart pounded in your palm,      
you felt me take the deepest of breaths,    
so I could feel all of the it,      
I told you I loved you at a stoplight,    
you told me you loved me too...    
We walked on the shore,    
sat and watched the sun set,    
you began to get cold and buried you head    
on my chest as we stood so close,    
you held me so tightly,      
as if we were in a storm,    
and if you let go,      
you’d be lost...    
My mind reeled,      
I wondered and dreamed      
while awake,    
of love, of love, of love,    
love I had come to mourn as dead    
and not for me....    
Love as I had thought I knew      
as a young man, decades ago,    
my head spun as I allowed myself to fall    
again, into that deep warm......trap    
Then you spoke of him,      
the young veteran,    
you’d known for years,    
how you’d finally overcome    
the fear of being hurt,    
in his arms,    
in his eyes,    
while in mine,      
my arms,      
while looking into my eyes....    
you were moving,    
to be with him,      
but never wanted to lose me again,      
lose me.....lose me....lose....    
I held back my words,      
and nodded, and wished    
all blessings on you,      
we walked back to the bike,      
I started it and pulled on the helmet  
pulled down the shield,    
like a lid on a tomb it snapped shut,    
the wind again, came to me,      
and blew tears away into the salt air
as it had done on the opposite coast
those many years ago, when I said goodbye
while riding away...    
They dried by the time,    
we got back to your parents,    
and I said I love you one last time,    
you said it too...and you held me,    
so tightly,      
as if we were in a storm,    
and if you let go,      
you’d be lost...    
Then came the silence again,    
no contact, no words,    
no promised presence,    
no anger, no sadness,      
no strength, no weakness,    
no regret, no shame,    
just silence...    
No greater insult,      
than silence, no deeper hurt,    
than silence....      
My fault, let it come,      
the pain again, the burning,      
what is this?  To turn to hope,      
only to watch it drop the hammer,    
and send one deep into my heart,    
slamming home the message,      
this is not for you, she is not for you...    
But she had held me so tightly,    
as if we were in a storm,    
and if she’d let go,      
she’d be lost...
Written by Dresdamanx (Crow_2662)
Published | Edited 4th Jul 2017
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