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Pleasing Me -- Part 1

Pleasing Me -- Part 1

Trust me?”

“I only want to please you”

We were safely locked in our jailed loft and this time no frantic rush.  This day was mine and me to be pleased and she was already bare exposed, completely, on that queen bed and I hovering just inches above her, looked deep in her wild willing eyes and made my way up her body above her head and grasped her hands chained to that headboard iron.

It was her complete submission to me, a surrender to my wants, my needs and in giving all to hinder freedom that afternoon, she pleased me.  Her eyes on mine I pulled her chain tight and her wrist binds clanked and she gasped at the restraint and filling and lifting her lungs push her hard nipples upwards and into my chest.

She was wet, willing. I could smell her want, hear her almost silent feral whimper as she felt me drink in her body.

I lifted myself to gaze over her completely, delighting in every beautiful curve and whisped hair on her body.  Her belly trembling, knees together squeezing her thighs bringing pleasure to her middle-aged body. She was hard under my view, the lights bright, unhiding.  Her little lite brown dampened curly hairs peeking out over her pressed thighs. How delicious she looked, how posed for my pleasure.

There was no rush, not this day, and I took my time to explore every site of her, her perfect plump breast with red-hardened nipples, shoulders, the pressure inducing exposed neck…. All mine this day.  But that perfectly beautiful want-tortured face, still anxious from lack of freedom in her wrist.  Her beautiful face, perfect lips, eyes, nose. Soft cheeks, chin, that face, that love I had spun since I was teenager. That tempting beautiful sex-drunk visage that was her’s and now, mine.

I lifted my leg over her chest, straddling her on my knees.  She tilted her head upwards and my beet-red swollen cock laid against her neck.  She could feel the hot on her skin and I felt the blood pulse in her neck vein.  I held my hard and rubbed on her chin. As soon as the underside of my cock’s head brushed up and touched her bottom lip she whimpered “yes” and parted her lips slightly.  I was oozing my want now, little gasped-spurts and like chapstick I spread my wet on her willing lips allowing just a pause on occasion for her tiny tongue to lap into my slit head.

My mind was racing as my body played on her face. I tilted my head upwards watching the ceiling fan whir and concentrating all feeling and emotion  into my cock on her beautiful face. Every touch of my swelled glan underside on her lips a new clear fluid spit twithched from that slit onto her face.

I took my hands off my hard and let it’s full weight lay across the length of her face. I could hear her inhaling deeply smelling the length of my cock. My heavy balls pushed against her throat. She breathed in my smell as i marked her mine all the while thrashing squeezing her thighs together putting needed pressure on her own sex.

She longed to get fed my taste back directly from my slit and tongue my length as best she could without the help of her tied hands.  I let myself ride free and began a rub up her cheek the side of her nose, forehead.  I was spitting precum every push and it slickened all her cheeks.  I was only feeling, experiencing, knowing I was fucking her beautiful face, even loving the feeling of her teeth scrapping wanting to ingest. Covering her goddamn beautiful face with my pleasure, my want.

I finally looked down again at her, that oil-sheen film of precum covering everything completely, even matting her hair, her face red-flushed, her tongue reaching out to pull in all the flavor of me from her lips and cheeks.  Pretty shiny-faced girl…. What a nice welcome to an afternoon pleasing me.
Written by Somedayman (Missouri Breaks)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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