More Lore: Just when it Seems...


Reporters, and onlookers alike, were captivated by the inherent excitement
of  the incredible scene.  As 'Roscoe the Wino' looked into his bottle for answers
on what it was he's seen, and what it
all means.

Meanwhile String, was reveling in the
freedom of finally, and  fully unleashing
his fury upon his banes of existence,
The Shoe's 'Platoon crew.' String, had begun spinning fast,  and whipped
himself into a whirling cyclone.
picking up speed,  dispersing his aglet
all over a  small squad of big and little Shoes, yelling maniacally..." I'm too much for the lot of you!" Then suddenly from a fire escape above an Ole 'Combat Boot' stomped him into the pavement, retorting back sarcastically..."Ouch! I bet hat's
gonna leave a bruise!"

Charlie,  was busy slapping a pair of 'Hikies' around like a bad habit yet, he
still heard a familiar sound, it was Buck-
L,  barking commands to Lil Buck
and Snap-Ohn..." unite together you two, and show Uncle Buck what you can do!"
They eagerly did as they were told,  then rolled into the fray, and in that moment
Charlie got a lump in his throat thinking
to himself, " yup that's my boy, he's on
his way!"

Straw, found himself locked in battle
with a real hot head, it was High Heel
and she was kicking up pebbles and flicking them towards Straw at a furious
pace, but Straw evaded them largely because he had been shielded by Youth
Fuller and a small contingent of foam plates.

High Heel however wasn't as fortunate, and when Straw returned fire he pelted
her 'heel to toe' with enough birdseed pellets  it could feed a family of four for
a week. (You could someone in the
crowd shouting out loud) "This is so amazing I'm glad I got a front row seat!"

As this entire scene continued on, it appeared to all in attendance that The
Shoe Platoon wasn't even a match for
the feisty, and clever Straw and his
gang of talented and wildly unrelenting Fantastic Crew...but it never seem to faze
their leader,  the dastardly devious Shoe.

Then he fervently shouted out while stomping his foot " That's it boys take
 it to them, there'll be no surrender!"
Then he caught Theardbare unaware
and kicked him into unweary  cop. Coyly remarking, "Here take care of this
Screw will you, Mr. Public's defender?"  Laughing loudly at himself with insane
glee. Threadbare grazed the officer and excused himself, then tossed himself
back into battle, saying to Shoe while
flying right at him, " Was that supposed
to get me rattled?"

He caught shoe by the tongue and
twisted himself in  deep, then called to
his screw underlings, " On command
now Nut and Screws alike let's put this joker to sleep!"

But that was not to be, because out
of nowhere the world fell very dark for Threadbare. Schmo-Dancer had taken advantage of an opportunity while Theardbare was engaged,  whacking
him unconscious before he could
repeat even louder the commands he
gave. And the leader of the Nuts
and Screws  fell into an the eerie silence instead... while flashbacks of a carefree
youth danced serenely in his head.

As Shoe slowly got up recovering from
the near 'mudhole' of a beatdown
that he was sure to suffer, slicking his tongue back to Schmo-D quietly he
uttered, " Hehe, thanks pal I own ya one!" Then slipped into the safety of the shadows to look around as the farcas continued to go down.

The President was fielding calls from all across the nation, pointing his fingers
and accusingly shrugging his shoulders
at his cabinet members in disbelief.
As all over the office were the sights
they were witnessing broadcasted on
all the television stations. The Secretary
of Defense, cried out "Good lord Mr.
President, what on earth is happening?
and furthermore what do we do? "

The President just looked at him and
said, "Sadly my friend, I don't have a clue."
At that moment in ran a Secretive Service Agent with some very important news,
he was almost pushed aside though by
 the Press Secretary, until the
'Commander in Disbelief' chimed in,
hold on he may have some information
we can use."

A quick briefing of what he's learned exposed a new twist in the plot,
as the entire 'Plight House' erupted into applause armed with a new strategy
and new but familiar ally they got..It was Depressed Shoe determined to show
the way to a 'new date' with destiny and
he now had commanded the attention
of all in attendance, including The President of the United States.

Depressed Shoe began to tell the story
of a little known fact that would just
about guarantee the halt of the horror
 of this horrible multi shoe attack..As
 they intently listened no one could know the real outcome of this, or for that
matter what would be their fate...
Written by Poetikmind (_---_)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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