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Watching You

Watching you and him laughing and talking together, in that beautiful cabin in the woods that fall afternoon.

Watching your connection to him, your husband of many years, knowing it’s already been a hard spun day for you both even before I arrived.

Watching you tease and purse at him knowingly, the cabin room already filled with the smell of your morning of sex.

Watching you smile at me, your lifelong friend, your confidant, your sometimes masturbation fill-in from across the room, nodding to me that this time it will happen.

Watching you as he pulls you up from the bed by your waist and onto your hands and knees.

Watching you, my best friend, as he takes both hands to spread your ass cheeks apart and drives his tongue to your ass.

Watching you bury your face into the mattress covers, ass opened and exposed as he forces his tongue into his wife.

Watching you raise your head and arch your back and whimper with pleasure as his tongue opens up your ass.

Watching you as he slaps your ass hard, hearing your painful wail as he positions his head on your ass opening and splits you in one thrust bearing all his strength and weight into you, his.

Watching your thighs convulse and violently shake from the sudden shock of the forced opening of your being with that one thrust.

Watching you as he holds his cock deep inside your ass, knowing you can feel each pulse and jerk of his hard spitting precum fluids into you.

Watching your beautiful face, tears streaming down as you turn your head towards me, your friend and his.

Watching you in the pale of that afternoon and knowing his violent entry is only the beginning.

Watching your husband pull straight out of you and stand behind you, his sex raw, spit wet and hard crossing the room to the cabin sofa, seating himself.

Watching you, my soul’s friend, painfully crawl off the bed and across the floor to him.

Watching your man turn you around away from him so you can face me.

Watching you lower your ass over his beet red swollen cock.

Watching your face gasp in pain and lust as the weight of your body forces him back up inside your dilated ass.

Watching him lean back on that sofa forcing every inch of him into your ass.

Watching you pulled back atop him so that he can twist and achingly pull your hardened nipples.

Watching you as I have never seen you before, taking as you are being taken…bending each leg on top of his thighs forcing your sex open, exposed to your friend as your husband holds his cock deep in your ass.

Watching you as he grabs your knees to spread you wider for me, baring your wet, open completely to my gaze and my want.

Watching your wet stream from your sex downward, glazing his balls shoved into your ass cheeks.

Watching you shake your head “yes” when he asks if you like your ass fucked like this and if you like your friend watching you get fucked like this.

Watching you whimper “please” when he asks if you want your friend’s cock in you too, now.

Watching you lift your head to see me drop my belted pants to the cabin floor and cross the room to you.

Watching your eyes roll with lust as your husband asks me if I can smell your wet.

Watching your thighs tremble as I bend over close to inhale deeply your wet, just inches away from where his cock is buried in your ass.

Watching you heaving your breaths as my tongue laps at your open wet.

Watching you squeeze and rock forward feeling your man’s cock pulse in your ass and begin slowly fucking up and in.

Watching you grab my head and force my tongue deeper inside you.

Watching you as he forces your legs even wider open for me to indulge all.

Watching your face as you cum on my tongue and his cock.

Watching your chest heave as I stand in front of you and play the head of my cock against your wet opening.

Watching you bite your lip, drawing blood, as I push into you, my long time friend, finally.

Watching you sandwiched and nearly limp from passion as your husband and your friend bury our want deep in you.

Watching your eyes lock into mine as we three breathe and slowly fall into deep hard pushing up into you, our cocks separated only by thin membrane of your sex.

Watching you begin to cum on a rolling wave, each of us three lost in the sexual haze and lust filling that cabin room.

Watching you cry out for both of us to fill you.

Watching your open mouth gasp and fall silent as you feel each of us swell inside you.

Watching your head fall back onto his chest in fainted ecstasy as your orgasms was over you.

Watching the rolling of your eyes as you feel the sudden jerk and first pumping of each of our cocks buried to the hilt in you.

Watching your lips mouth “yes” as your ass feels the flood of his cum while my cock empties into your womb.

Watching you, him, us hang motionless, together lost in you and the euphoria your body gives.

Watching you as I turn to walk away into a relaxing shower, knowing he will lift you off him, turn you around to him and begin fucking you again in your sex, where I was moments ago.

Watching you please him again, my cum covering his hard, all re-connecting, cumming again in you. All of us perfectly mixed inside you….finally.
Written by Somedayman (Missouri Breaks)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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