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Red Lip Rose

Honestly, my red lip rose has been waiting so long.  
Donít be hesitating, itís time for your exploration, † †
Along with our desire and massive passion. † †
Let me make you fly to the heavenly destination, †  
The subtle movement from your finger touch, †  
Make me out of mind and feel dizzy. †  
† †
My lover, itís time to search for your sensibility. †  
Move off the sheer lingerie to reveal my curvy body, †  
Start a journey with the tips of my perky breasts, †  
To feel the plumpness by sucking my juicy nipples, †  
As I moan from the sexual caress, †  
Then you, squeeze them harder to release my sense, † †
Harmonize the sucks and squeezes with my harmonious signs, †  
Until I canít wait to look for yours. †  
† †
My lover, itís time to sing with my gasps of excitement. †  
Let me feel your heart beat, † †
Let me smell the fragrance of your sweat, †  
From every pore of your masculinity. †  
When the strokes move up and down on my back, † †
And fall to the curviest part above my butt, †  
Rub my waist and stomach, †  
Then lower down my panties, †  
Let your lips kiss my red lip rose, and †  
Your tongue opens the gate, †  
Which is guarding my most precious secret, † †
It always hides from others but your sight. †  
† †
My lover, itís time to pluck the petals of my red lip rose. †  
To taste its softness and tenderness, †  
To sip the sweet nectar with your lips, †  
Itís filling up to satisfy your hunger, †  
And for painless love during the exploration. †  
Donít be rushed to enter the gate, †  
Hold my butt and stroke it harder, †  
The most sensitive spot to start the ritual. † †
Oh, the trembling bliss I have been eager for, † †
As your special part touches the red petals, †  
Along comes with the thrusting deepen in, †  
My body awakens, and gets so hungry to embrace yours. †  
How deep it is, and how deep our pleasure. †  
† †
My lover, itís time to enjoy my liquid fire. †  
Let me wrap up your engorged cock, † †
With my warm moisture velvet cloak. † †
As yours is stirring inside my vagina, †  
All along the pain and the joy, † †
The ties from mutual caress go higher, †  
I surrender and give up my demure mask. †  
My lover, can you see? †  
My tear drops fall to the pillow, for †  
The overwhelming ecstasy drowns all over. †  
† †
My lover, itís time to harmonize with my panting breath. †  
Enjoy the faster and deeper, †  
Through come and go, back and forth, †  
Letís get to the highest tip, †  
Cum as we give the last push, †  
The exploration as you ejaculate I feel, †  
Make strong vibrations deep inside. †  
It seems first and last forever----- †  
The entwined flesh, tangled, twisted, and melted, †  
ďStay inside me!Ē I whispered, †  
Have to hold me tight through the night. †  
For tomorrow, youíll leave, †  
Donít know when weíll once again, make love. †  
† †
Written by RoseJasmine
Published | Edited 1st Apr 2018
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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