Editing the Cottonwood

Everyone is enjoying their breakfast  
the church of bacon and dry toast †  
clink of knives and forks against †  
water glasses and coffee cups †
while my fruit parfait slowly †
swallows its nesting spoon. †  
Old friends come to stay †  
and I'm rememberin' †
hangovers are hell. †
The restaurant is packed; †  
they ask, "Why so quiet, Tamster?"
[insert much winking and snickers] †
I donít know what to say †
to get Ďem to leave me alone †
with the view, cept, maybe... †  
ďA.S.P.I.R.I.N.Ē †  
They laugh, their eggs †  
running sunny side up †
with their heads cut off †
makes my stomach roll. †  
They turn to each other again; †
I thank God for small things. †  
The cottonwood swirling outside †
of the window has kidnapped me †
edits my imagination; blizzards †
of Poetry against drifts of yellow †  
verse under a TOO bright sun †
even with sunglasses on. †  
I chuckle to myself but not loud enough †
to get their attention; we all resemble †  
Plain-clothed agents this morning †
God knows how we smell. † †
If ever I didnít belong anywhere, †  
Itís here in this over-crowded †  
noisy-ass restaurant †  
without paper or pen †  
to write with. †  
Damn cloth napkins. †  
† †
I contemplate toilet paper †
in the Ladies Room †
and the red kiddie crayon †
lying on the next table. †  
This unfolding epiphany †
from an aching head †  
too tired to stop the train- †
wreck of a Poem seeking †
any place to quickly crash. †
Escape the dictational route †
of the tracks bound †  
to its wheels like handcuffs, †
create a Poetry commune †
somewhere in the desert. †  
I donít want the moon †
the stars or the sun, †
the sky the rain the wind †
planets of the Universe †
nor the wealth or status †  
of the upper echelon. †  
† †
Only these poetic interludes †
between us, and perhaps †  
a gentle and patient Wisdom †  
to not fuck up the greatest †
Happiness Iíve ever found. †  
Written by Ahavati
Published | Edited 17th May 2017
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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