[ NaPo 2017 ] Only Poets Read Other Poets

A great philosopher, poet
and all around smart-ass
[ pronounced twelve-oh-one ]
said unto me
as we conversed upon
the pinnacle of a Mount Literoticus
"Only poets read other poets."
I held up a stone tablet
carried around for such an occasion
in my backpack
Upon it was chiseled the
Twelfth or Thirteenth Commandment
( can't remember which )
Thou Shalt Not Stereotype!
( I added the exclamation point with a Sharpie )
For all that noise coming out our radios
accompanied by guitars, pianos and such
is poetry
and billions of people
without a poetic bone in their bodies
can't live without it
The problem is
those billions of people can and do live without
the kind of poetry we write because
not only is it lacking in music  
and is not sung
it has been given a bad reputation for
not making any sense
( granted, some poems don't )
coming off like a private joke
( granted, some poems do )
perpetuating riddles without answers
( yes, that is extremely obnoxious
I'll grant you that as well )
Okay, I admit I'm not really
helping our case here .....
So, what now?
Do we just settle for
only being read by other poets?
Or do we write verse embedded
with musicality and prompts
that inspires Average Joe to experience
our poetry as music in their minds?
Go sit under a tree
fire up your I-Pod, Walkman or whatever
and ponder this for a while:
People going through their days
without ear buds or headphones
listening to your poetry
their playlists
set to REPEAT
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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